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JC Cares x Beauty Beyond Borders Empowering Lives Through Healthcare

In a heartwarming moment that showcased compassion and care, the Beauty Beyond Borders Medical Mission, in collaboration with JC Cares, unfolded on July 26, 2023, at the San Juan Gym in San Juan City. The event, organized by the renowned Aivee Group in partnership with the San Juan City Local Government Unit (LGU), brought together healthcare professionals, volunteers, and the local community to create a positive imp...

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Dunk for a Cause Sun Life's Charity Challenge Sparks Basketball Fever!

By Aira Miranda   Manila, Philippines – As the basketball frenzy continues to grip Manila, Sun Life is taking the excitement to the next level. Prepare for an exhilarating spectacle that not only unites local celebrities but also propels the sport into the heart of communities...

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JC Organic Barley The Celebrities' Choice for Healthy Living

Living in a fast-paced world can take a toll on our physical and mental well-being. That's why it's important to discover natural solutions that can help revitalize our body and mind. Introducing Organic Barley Grass, a powerful superfood grown in the lush green pastures of New Zealand. With its abundance of essential nutrients and numerous health benefits, Organic Barley Grass has become a revolutionary answer to ou...

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JC Organic Barley Changing Lives, One Sip at a Time

In today's fast-paced world, it's essential to find natural remedies that help us recharge. One such remedy is organic barley grass, a powerhouse superfood cultivated in the lush pastures of New Zealand. With its remarkable array of nutrients and health benefits, organic barley grass is emerging as a potent solution for our modern wellness needs. JC Organic Barley is one of the leading brands that offers the highest-...

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IMMAPS Boomerang Awards Set Sights on Digital Transformation

After 14 years of celebrating Digital Marketing Innovation, Creativity, and Impact, IMMAP’s Boomerang Awards have taken on a new and bolder moonshot: Digital Transformation. Exhorting its members and their different communities to “TRANSFORM,” the show looks beyond conventional Marketing success and aims for Digital work that h...

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By Aira Miranda Did you miss the electrifying event of the year? Don't worry; we've got you covered! Let's relive the captivating moments of The Grand Mentor's Training Series 2023. The Grand Mentor's Training Series 2023, an unforgettable event filled with empowerment and celebration, to...

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TEVIANT unveils the versatile Velvet Drop Your new beauty holy grail

By Aira Miranda   Jazzing up your glam routine just got more exciting with TEVIANT's latest release, the Velvet Drop! This multi-use tinted mousse serum promises to take your makeup game to a whole new level of glitz and glamour. With its blendable, long-lasting, and highly pigmented formula, Velvet Drop is ...

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Siomai King revolutionizes franchise business in Cebu City

Siomai King, the renowned food cart franchise, continues to thrive amidst the challenges in the business sector over the past few years, proving its adaptability and commitment to success. With its recent opening in SM City Cebu on July 8, 2023, Siomai King is making waves in the culinary scene of Cebu City. The driving force behind Si...

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Introducing JC Switzerland A Hub of Health, Beauty, and Opportunity

JC Switzerland proudly announces its grand opening, bringing a world of groundbreaking health products and unparalleled opportunities to the discerning individuals of Switzerland. As pioneers in the field of wellness and beauty, JC has gained recognition for its exceptional range of premium products that promote healthy, balanced lifestyles. #In60words...

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The Only Skincare AZ Martinez Used In Conquering Her ACNE

GMA Sparkle Artist AZ Martinez, known for her captivating performances, recently bared her soul in the latest episode of Real Skin, Real Beauty. In a candid interview, she shared her personal struggle with acne, which had caused her to feel self-conscious and hesitant to face the world. However, Martinez discovered a remarkable solution that transformed her skin and boosted her confidenceKind Skincare....

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Masters of Horror James Wan, Jason Blum join forces for

Aside from reuniting the original cast of the first Insidious film, original producers James Wan and Jason Blum are also back in Insidious The Red Door, to bring the Lambert familys terrifying saga to an epic conclusion. The final chapter of the blockbuster horror franchise opens exclusively in cinemas July 5.

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JC expands its reach to Canada as demand for JC

Mississauga, Ontario - June 12, 2023 - Responding to the overwhelming reception and demand for JC products like JC Organic Barley in Canada, JC is proud to announce the grand opening of its newest office, JC CANADA Business Center. This momentous occasion is a testament to the Canadian people's discovery and admiration for JC's exceptional product offerings....

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Chedeng continues to linger over the PH sea

Chedeng was last located over 1000 km East of Central Luzon, packed with maximum sustained winds of 95 kmh near the center and gustiness of up to 115 kmh. It is slowly moving West Northwestward at 10 kmh. It is expected to re-intensify into a typhoon anytime tomorrow until the weekend as it moves further away from the Philippine archipelago.

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Get a bite of whats next in food and flavor

In a dazzling display of culinary mastery and innovation, McCormick Culinary hosted an event last May 18 at The Grand Hyatt in BGC, Taguig that left taste buds tingling and imaginations running wild. McCormick, Together We Flavor united the cr�me de la cr�me of the culinary service industry, delightful food inspirations, mesmerizing showcases, and insightful revelations on the food industry beyond flavor....

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JSO day -A Worthy Purpose, JC cares gives smile to

Dalai Lama famously said, The purpose of our lives is to be happy. For some, happiness is not merely attaining success but providing others with reasons to smile. Philanthropist and young business tycoon Jonathan So knows the meaning of living a purposeful life. On his recent birthday celebration, he spent his day at Laura Drive Gawad Kalinga Community instead of partying with powerful and wealthy friends....

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