Editorial Policy

This Editorial Policy shall guide Nutshell in its mission to present a view of the “World in a Nutshell” without sacrificing clarity of thought and presenting unbiased news, and at the same time respecting Intellectual Property Laws and Press Freedom. 

The Policy shall be based on these four pillars:

  • Press Freedom 

    The Nutshell recognizes the Constitutionality protected and guaranteed Freedom of the Press and enjoys the same. Thus, we uphold our right to freely express the news without fear or favour to anyone, and to respect the right of others to do the same.

  • Responsible Media 

    The Nutshell recognizes that as media practitioners are held in a high standard, and thus must be responsible for the news it presents. Thus, the Nutshell makes it a point to be responsible for the news we present and ensures that the same contains only facts.

    Further, the Nutshell undertakes to present the news clearly and efficiently, to ensure that our readers would be able to grasp the news quickly and easily.

  • Respect for the Source 

    The Nutshell aims to present impartial news by utilizing multiple news sources and filtering opinions that are melded with the ultimate facts. Through this method, we aim to limit nutshell news to only the facts of the news, thereby retaining impartiality.

  • Impartiality 

    The Nutshell, in sourcing its news from other media outlets shall respect their Intellectual Property Rights by ensuring proper reference to the source and not using any proprietary marks or images.


The Nutshell, in pursuing our goal to present the World in a Nutshell, shall abide by these four pillars.

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