Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Nutshell?

    Nutshell is a mobile app for summarized news and articles from various websites. News from different categories are shortened for quick yet informative reads, making it perfect for people who are always on the go.

  • What can I do with Nutshell?

    Nutshell is the go-to app to stay updated with the latest news and current events. Users can read summarized news anytime, anywhere and also view the original article from from its source for the full version.

    To personalize the experience, Users can also choose the categories they would like to see first and search for keywords to find a specific summarized version about a certain topic.

  • How to use Nutshell?

    Quick reading through Nutshell is easy! Just swipe up to read the next summarized article or click the link of the original source to view the full version. Each summarized news only takes a minute to read so it is ideal for busy readers.

  • Do I need to sign up?

    Yes, readers are required to create an account in order to personalize their experience in using Nutshell.

  • Where do you get the news or articles?

    Nutshell gathers from different news sites and summarizes these articles for quicker reads. Nutshell ensures that its sources are credible to provide relevant summarized news for busy readers.

  • How often do you update the news feed?

    The news feed is updated everyday to ensure that the available reads are timely and relevant to readers.

  • How do you summarize the news?

    At present, Nutshell editors summarize the articles sourced from various websites. All summarized news provided are still credited to the original source and writer.

  • Will I receive notifications from Nutshell?

    Users can enable or disable the app notification settings according to their preference. However, the app in default settings will send out push notifications to update or remind users of any latest reads.

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