From Screen to Sustainable: Nadine Lustre's Dehusk Takes the Dairy World by Storm

2:33 pm on 24 June 2024, Monday

By Aira Miranda

Filipina actress and singer Nadine Lustre has teamed up with Christophe Bariou, Sam Tecuala, and Quan Tan to launch Dehusk, a groundbreaking plant-based milk brand. Set to revolutionize the dairy industry in Southeast Asia, Dehusk is sustainable, nutritious, locally made, and delicious.

The dairy industry in Southeast Asia has long struggled with heavy dependence on imports, resulting in fluctuating prices and limited accessibility. 

Around 99% of dairy products in the Philippines are imported, and similar trends are seen in Vietnam and Thailand. Furthermore, a staggering 90%-100% of the population in these regions is lactose intolerant, compounding the demand for alternatives.

Dehusk aims to address these challenges by leveraging the abundant coconut cultivation in countries like the Philippines and Indonesia. Recognized as one of the Top 100 Startups in the Philippines by QBO, Dehusk's innovative approach emphasizes environmental stewardship and local economic support.

Lustre and Bariou, serving as the brand’s ambassadors, use their influence to promote Dehusk’s mission, while Tecuala and Quan ensure the product’s availability and quality. With its launch approaching, Dehusk is set to become a staple in households, offering a sustainable and healthy alternative to traditional dairy.


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