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Slay the Potluck Game 5 Must-Haves to Impress at Your Next Holiday Bash

By Aira Miranda Filipinos share a deep love for potlucks, especially during the festive holiday season, where gatherings are not just about the joy of coming together but also the excitement of sharing delicious dishes. Elevate your potluck game and become the star of the celebration with these five exceptional picks that pro...

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A Sky-High Incentive with JCs Top 10 Performers

In a remarkable celebration of success and dedication, JC, the renowned name in health, beauty and wellness, treated its top 10 performers to an unforgettable fine dining experience at Antonio's Restaurant in Tagaytay City. The cherry on top? A free chopper ride generously provided by the co-founders, Jonathan So and Carlito Macada...

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Unveil the Healing Power of JC Organic Barley Real Stories of Transformation

By Aira Miranda In the realm of wellness and holistic health, JC Organic Barley stands out as a beacon of hope for individuals seeking a natural remedy. The recent testimonials from users shed light on the incredible health benefits experienced by those who incorporated this superfood into their daily routi...

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Elevate Your Elegance Experience Holiday Glam at KOOP Studio

Get ready to slay this holiday season with unparalleled elegance! As the festive season approaches, KOOP Studio is your go-to destination to ensure you achieve your holiday hair goals. Step into KOOP Studio at Podium Mall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong. On November 18, attendees experienced the elegant interiors of KOOP Studio&...

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Step into the future of business with House of Franchise at Noel Bazaar 2023

This November 24-30, 2023, immerse yourself in a world of entrepreneurial possibilities at Booth 111, World Trade Center Manila, as House of Franchise Inc. proudly presents Siomai King and Potato King at the much-anticipated Noel Bazaar 2023. At the forefront of this exciting venture is the House of Franchise, a beacon of exc...

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JC 10th Anniversary Celebrating a Decade of Excellence and Enchantment

JC 10th Anniversary: Celebrating a Decade of Excellence and Enchantment By AIra Miranda Prepare to mark your calendars for JC’s 10th Anniversary, which is set to be the most anticipated event of the year. JC, a renowned health & wellness company is getting ready to celebrate its decade of achieve...

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Snoopy Takes Flight Soar to New Heights at Snoopy Mega Adventure!

  By Aira Miranda Calling all Peanuts fans, adventure seekers, and families alike! SM Megamall is taking you on an unforgettable journey with Snoopy and his beloved friends in their biggest and most exciting adventure yet. Prepare to be transported to a world of imagination, laughter, and pure delight at the Sno...

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Dive into Arendelle! Hong Kong Disneyland's World of Frozen Opens Nov 20

By Aira Miranda   In a tale as enchanting as Elsa’s ice magic, Hong Kong Disneyland is set to open the gates to the world’s first “Frozen”-themed land, World of Frozen, on November 20. The anticipation reached its climax with "A Sp...

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Melai Cantiveros leads PULP Studios' 'Ma'am Chief Shakedown in Seoul'

By Aira Miranda Hey there, movie buffs! PULP Studios is breaking through the cinematic scene, and guess who's leading the charge? None other than the comedic powerhouse, Melai Cantiveros-Francisco, in the action-comedy extravaganza, "Ma'am Chief: Shakedown in Seoul." Hold on to your popcorn because th...

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James Reid, B.I, DJ Flict Set the Stage Ablaze with Star-Studded 'Jacuzzi' Music Video!

By Aira Miranda Brace yourselves for an electrifying blend of beats and opulence as James Reid, the Filipino heartthrob, teams up with Korean rap sensation B.I in their scintillating music video, "Jacuzzi." This visual extravaganza, shot in partnership with the illustrious Okada Manila, promises a luxurious c...

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Join the Live Your Best Life Herbalife Run 2023 A Journey Featuring Health, Fun, and Community

In a world where health, enjoyment, and engaging with others have become increasingly important, the Live Your Best Life Herbalife Run 2023 invites you to embark on a journey. Whether you're a runner or just starting to discover the pleasures of running, here are some compelling reasons why you should consider being ...

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NYC comes to Manila SM Megamall's towering tribute to a New York Christmas!

By Aira Miranda As the days grow shorter and the air carries a crisp, festive cheer, SM Megamall is set to transport you to the enchanting streets of New York City. Imagine the iconic skyline, the glimmering lights, and the bustling energy—now, picture it all wrapped up in a 50-foot Christmas tree! ...

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Oona Insurance introduces Kahoona, the ultimate insurance business tool for intermediaries

  Oona Insurance, a leading insurance provider in South East Asia, is sparing no effort to ensure that its partners have seamless interface with the brand as it formally introduced its Kahoona Platform in the Philippines. Dubbed as the "Ultimate Insurance Business Tool," Kahoona is equipped with an "Intuit...

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BTS and James Jean's Artistic Collaboration Comes to Manila

By Aira Miranda   In an exhilarating fusion of art and music, internationally acclaimed pop icons BTS (RM, Jin, SUGA, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook) and renowned artist James Jean come together to craft a collection of extraordinary exhibits. BTS, an acronym...

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JC MALAYSIA Where Demand for JC Organic Barley Meets Holistic Prosperity

In a dazzling display of vibrant culture and entrepreneurial spirit, JC MALAYSIA's grand opening at the Kota Raya, Kuala Lumpur office on October 15, 2023, was nothing short of a spectacle. The ribbon cutting ceremony, graced by majestic lion dancers, marked the inception of a hub dedicated to wellness and prosperity. Own...

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