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IMMAPS Boomerang Awards Set Sights on Digital Transformation

After 14 years of celebrating Digital Marketing Innovation, Creativity, and Impact, IMMAP’s Boomerang Awards have taken on a new and bolder moonshot: Digital Transformation. Exhorting its members and their different communities to “TRANSFORM,” the show looks beyond conventional Marketing success and aims for Digital work that h...

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By Aira Miranda Did you miss the electrifying event of the year? Don't worry; we've got you covered! Let's relive the captivating moments of The Grand Mentor's Training Series 2023. The Grand Mentor's Training Series 2023, an unforgettable event filled with empowerment and celebration, to...

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Siomai King revolutionizes franchise business in Cebu City

Siomai King, the renowned food cart franchise, continues to thrive amidst the challenges in the business sector over the past few years, proving its adaptability and commitment to success. With its recent opening in SM City Cebu on July 8, 2023, Siomai King is making waves in the culinary scene of Cebu City. The driving force behind Si...

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Introducing JC Switzerland A Hub of Health, Beauty, and Opportunity

JC Switzerland proudly announces its grand opening, bringing a world of groundbreaking health products and unparalleled opportunities to the discerning individuals of Switzerland. As pioneers in the field of wellness and beauty, JC has gained recognition for its exceptional range of premium products that promote healthy, balanced lifestyles. #In60words...

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JC expands its reach to Canada as demand for JC

Mississauga, Ontario - June 12, 2023 - Responding to the overwhelming reception and demand for JC products like JC Organic Barley in Canada, JC is proud to announce the grand opening of its newest office, JC CANADA Business Center. This momentous occasion is a testament to the Canadian people's discovery and admiration for JC's exceptional product offerings....

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Just For Fun! JCHOF Top 50 Franchisee Earners rewarded with

Fret no more! Because there is a simple way to become a millionaire and get a free vacation to Balesin at the same time. Just ask JC and House of Franchise's Top 50 Performers Worldwide who have the highest income for March 2023 and participated in this year's Just For Fun! Free Balesin Trip.

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Refreshing sight alert! JC Barley flaunts new Boni billboard

Amidst the incomparable heat of the countrys summer season, what a refreshing sight it must be to have a glimpse at JCs new captivating billboard! The latest visual stands along Boni Serrano Avenue, inviting passersby to treat themselves to a healthy and thirst-quenching JC Organic Barley drink.

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First check reveal! Paolo Contis, Ken Chan, and Boy2 Quizon

GMA Actors Paolo Contis, Ken Chan, and Boy2 Quizon can attest to this as just recently, and they have received the first of the many fruits of their new source of income. They announced that they had just previously joined the House of Franchise and JC to further their path in attaining their financial goals. #In60words

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JC Premiere top 50 performers unwind at The Farm at

The House of Franchise (HOF) team and JC Premiere founders CEO Jonathan So and CFO Carlito Macadangdang celebrate their Top 50 Top Performers with a day of adventurous relaxation at The Farm at San Benito with its fresh air and beautiful natural surroundings.

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Stakeholders back Marcos plan to boost Japan-PH tourism ties

Tourism stakeholders in Cebu applaud the government's efforts to get Japan to lift or relax its travel warnings against popular tourist spots in the Philippines to revitalize the nation's pandemic-damaged tourism sector.

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US jobs surge, tech concerns whiplash stocks and send dollar

Meanwhile, disappointing earnings reports from Apple, Amazon, and Google owner Alphabet added to unease about the outlook for the crucial tech sector after torrid growth early in the pandemic.

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Philippines economy grows 7.6% despite inflation threat

The Philippines’ economic growth beat expectations last year, fuelled by strong consumer spending despite rising consumer prices, officials said Thursday. Gross domestic product expanded 7.6 percent in 2022, the state statistics agency said in a briefing, faster than the pandemic-blighted 5.7 percent output in 2021. The...

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Google cuts 12,000 jobs as tech woes bite again

Google's parent company Alphabet announced Friday it will cut about 12,000 jobs globally, citing a changing economic reality as it became the latest US tech giant to enact large-scale restructuring.

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HOFs Fast Track Program made 197 millionaires amid the pandemic

Fast Track Program - The Shortest Way To Become A Millionaire To replicate the company's phenomenal success, the influential and trailblazing business duo and owners of JC, Jonathan So and Carl Macadangdang, recently launched the Fast Track Program. #In60words

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All hail the Pinoy Franchise Kings!

The corporate world may seem stuffy from the outside, but it's a lot more exciting than one might imagine. Even though starting a firm can be terrifying, many business tycoons are nevertheless known for having appealing personalities at work and at home. For instance, the rise to success of JC's Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang is an encouraging entrepreneurial tale from which we may all learn. #In60words...

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