Siomai na Longganisa o Longganisang Siomai? Siomai King unveils its latest Siomai innovation

4:52 pm on 22 December 2023, Friday

Siomai King, the reigning monarch of the food cart franchise realm, is setting the taste buds of its loyal fans ablaze with the launch of its latest innovation: Longganisa Siomai. The flavorful fusion of longganisa and siomai has taken the culinary scene by storm, adding an irresistible twist to the classic and the contemporary.

Vice President Carlito Macadangdang officially introduced the Longganisa Siomai at the House of Franchise Shaw Boulevard on November 30, 2023, and it became available on December 5, 2023. Fans of Siomai King will find this delicious creation to be a game-changer, pleasing a wide range of Siomai enthusiasts.

Siomai King's commitment to innovation and adaptability has been a cornerstone of its success. In a world where change is constant, Siomai King continues to stand out by introducing exciting flavors that will capture the taste buds of its customers. The Longganisa Siomai, a perfect blend of Filipino breakfast favorites and the classic siomai.

You can now savor the delightful fusion of longganisa and siomai at all Siomai King Food Hub stores and, for the tech-savvy foodies, online via Whether you're a fan of classic siomai flavors or adventurous ones like longganissa, Siomai King has a treat for every taste preference.

Co-founders Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang, continue to lead Siomai King with an innovative spirit, adapting to market demands while keeping the brand's essence intact. The transition to an "online franchise" platform during the challenging times of the pandemic showcased their forward-thinking approach, ensuring that Siomai King remains a beloved household name.

So, visit your nearest Siomai King Food Hub or order online for a flavor-packed experience that will surely have you coming back for more!


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