Slay the Potluck Game: 5 Must-Haves to Impress at Your Next Holiday Bash

3:20 pm on 12 December 2023, Tuesday

By Aira Miranda

Filipinos share a deep love for potlucks, especially during the festive holiday season, where gatherings are not just about the joy of coming together but also the excitement of sharing delicious dishes. Elevate your potluck game and become the star of the celebration with these five exceptional picks that promise to tantalize taste buds and leave lasting impressions.

Chowking: Chowlebrate the Season!

Ever found yourself dreaming of a potluck party where the spread is not just delicious but also impressively diverse? Enter Chowking’s Holiday Chowlebration packages, offering an array of Chinese-style delights that are perfect for sharing joy with family and friends.

Picture this: a Lauriat Combo featuring Chinese-Style Fried Chicken Lauriat with a Coke in Can (P230), a Lumpiang Shanghai Lauriat with a Coke in Can (P210), or a Chick ‘n Sauce Lauriat with a Coke in Can and 2pc. Dimsum (P290). These combos cater to various preferences, ensuring a delightful mix for everyone.

Ordering is a breeze — simply visit a Chowking store near you or inquire online through their email or socials. The minimum order starts at P3,000, making it an accessible and hassle-free way to elevate your potluck contribution. Choose from their diverse menu, and let Chowking take care of the culinary delights, leaving you with more time to enjoy the festivities.

Jamie’s Bakery and Cafe: Sweet Confections for the Win

When it comes to dessert, Jamie’s Bakery and Cafe in Taytay, Rizal, stands out as the ultimate destination for confectionery delights. Picture this: a picturesque bakery with the scent of freshly baked goods wafting through the air. Jamie’s offers a unique selection, including their renowned Black Sesame Latte and Ube Yema Cheesecake — a delightful twist on classic flavors. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, explore their Premium Gift Box Treats, featuring Holiday Mini Rolls (P649), Fruit and Nuts Feast Bar (P589), and Assorted Christmas Treats (P599).

To make your holidays even sweeter, Jamie’s Bakery and Cafe offers a special promotion. Spend a minimum of P2,000 and receive a free acrylic Christmas topper. Level up your celebration with a minimum spend of P3,000 for a P200 discount, or go all out with a minimum spend of P5,000 for a P350 discount. For convenient ordering, they accept delivery orders via Lalamove, Grab, or any courier — just visit their Facebook page.

Stanford Shaw: Raise a Glass to Local Flavors


Looking to elevate your potluck beverages beyond the usual? Stanford Shaw’s local, non-alcoholic brews are the perfect solution. Dive into the refreshing Fresh Ginger Ale (P 150) or indulge in the whimsical Butterbeer (P150) that promises to warm your heart and stomach with rich, frothy flavors and holiday spices.

Stanford Shaw has a compelling story — starting from a humble home kitchen, they now produce small batches of these delightful brews. Connecting with customers who appreciate high-quality food and drink, Stanford Shaw ensures that every bottle maintains a consistent and authentic flavor. Spread the holiday cheer by gifting Santa’s 6-pack gift box — choose between 6 bottles of Fresh Ginger Ale, 6 bottles of Butterbeer, or a mix of 3 bottles of each. Learn more about Stanford Shaw through their website

MangBok’s: Roasted Chicken Royalty


For the true roasted chicken aficionados, MangBok’s has been catering to the needs of Filipino workers since 2002, offering the best value without compromising quality. Their commitment to using high-quality sourced meat and ingredients sets them apart. The star of their menu is the signature Roasted Chicken and Roasted Pork Belly (Liempo), cooked fresh daily to perfection, ensuring each bite is juicy, flavorful, and genuinely satisfying.

To enjoy MangBok’s delectable offerings at your next holiday potluck, simply visit one of their locations or explore online ordering options. Their dedication to continuous research and development ensures an ever-improving product line, guaranteeing the best possible experience with every visit. Impress your potluck guests with the succulent delights of MangBok’s and take your roasted chicken game to the next level.

Bacardi: Boozy Bliss Unleashed


It’s time to bring in the booze and set the holiday party ablaze with Bacardi. As the life of the party, your mixed drinks should be on point, and Bacardi offers the perfect libations to keep the toasts flowing all night long. Prepare your rum drinks, punches, and mojitos with Bacardi, ensuring a spirited and festive atmosphere.

To create the ultimate party elixirs, stock up on Bacardi rum and essential mixers like lemons, cola, and lime juices. Ensure your guests are treated to a delightful experience with expertly crafted beverages. No need to play bartender all night — Bacardi has you covered with the perfect blends for a memorable holiday celebration. But always remember to drink responsibly!

As the holiday season approaches and the spirit of merriment fills the air, these five culinary gems stand ready to elevate your potluck game and make your gatherings unforgettable. From the diverse and delectable offerings of Chowking’s Holiday Chowlebration to the sweet confections at Jamie’s Bakery and Cafe, the refreshing local brews of Stanford Shaw, the roasted chicken royalty at MangBok’s, and the boozy bliss unleashed by Bacardi, each pick promises to bring joy and flavor to your celebrations.

So, why settle for the ordinary when you can embark on a culinary adventure that will leave your guests raving? With these handpicked favorites, let your next holiday potluck be a feast that not only satisfies appetites but also creates cherished memories for years to come. Cheers to good food, great company, and a holiday season filled with warmth and indulgence!


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