Inside JC's Festival: Unveiling Health Innovations and Franchising Success

6:36 pm on 21 December 2023, Thursday

On November 25, 2023, the JC Product Festival unfolded at the JC Shaw Office, a testament to JC's relentless pursuit of delivering quality goods and services globally. The event, attended by over 500 participants, comprised franchisees and guests, illuminating JC's dedication to innovation, health, and community engagement.

The JC Organic Barley Free Taste stood out as a focal point, enabling attendees to experience the health benefits firsthand. Renowned for its potential to reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart attacks, JC Organic Barley remains a cornerstone of JC’s commitment to promoting well-being.

Beyond product displays, the festival offered free live blood analysis by Doc. Ferdinand Soledad, providing insightful glimpses into attendees' health. This underscored JC’s holistic approach to well-being, going beyond the transactional aspects of business.

Fun games such as Shoot for Health Challenge, Kind Buzz Wire, Spin & Win and Plingko Game was a source of excitement during the event, as guests were able to win JC’s products through participating on the said games as well as raffle draw.

Director Jeffrey Ang and Director Rene Ayson led the launch of JC's Product Demo Area, which will help distributors to present JC's products in an interactive, effective and enjoyable way to future franchisees. Aside from that, they also launched the Philippine Pharmaceutical Directory (PPD) which features JC’s winning product – JC Organic Barley. PPD will serve as a vital tool that will help distributors to market the products effectively.

Vice President Carlito Macadangdang also announced the soft launch of the Milktea Business, a strategic move reflecting JC Premiere's commitment to staying at the forefront of market trends and providing diverse opportunities for franchisees.

Powerful testimonials from individuals like Selina Dagdag-Alas, a former PBA Courtside Reporter who had taken JC Organic Barley helps her health improve better as she won over a rare type of cancer. On the other hand, Ms. Earth-Water 2020 Roxie Smith shared her experienced highlighting the significant role of JC Organic Barley played in her health journeys, underscoring the positive impact of JC 's products.

JC’s diverse product range, from the immune-boosting Calvit-C to the metabolism-boosting Goodleaf Ashitaba capsules, showcased the company's dedication to innovation in health and hygiene. The recently launched KIND Skin Care added a thoughtful touch to skincare routines.

Founded in 2013 by Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang, JC has evolved from a simple idea to a thriving franchising company. The event celebrated a decade of growth, acknowledging the dedication of franchisees and hinting at exciting incentives for outstanding performers.

For those who missed the chance to join this year's festival, the opportunity to become part of JC’s family still awaits. Interested individuals can explore the diverse franchise options available on the official websites: and Taking the plunge into the world of JC not only promises a business venture but also opens doors to exciting incentives for those who excel.


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