Elevate Your Elegance: Experience Holiday Glam at KOOP Studio

11:52 am on 2 December 2023, Saturday

Get ready to slay this holiday season with unparalleled elegance! As the festive season approaches, KOOP Studio is your go-to destination to ensure you achieve your holiday hair goals.

Step into KOOP Studio at Podium Mall, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong. On November 18, attendees experienced the elegant interiors of KOOP Studio's newest location, featuring a design adorned with local pieces that complemented the studio's prime location. The Podium location boasts an elegant modern design with neutral colors, creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

KOOP Studio offers a contemporary salon in a unique studio environment, featuring internationally trained stylists proficient in cutting and styling techniques of the highest quality. Beyond hairdressing services, KOOP provides professional consultations and post-styling photoshoot sessions as additional offerings for its guests.

Derived from the French word "coupé," meaning cut, KOOP focuses on enhancing natural beauty, aligning with co-founder Brice Boidin's emphasis on working with what naturally suits each individual best. Boidin shares, "We make sure that we help you enhance your natural beauty because what is naturally given to you is what suits you the best."

The studio presents a range of tailored products developed specifically for its clientele, offering services such as cutting, styling, coloring, treatment, barbering, and consultations. The flexible and adaptable studio space is designed for styling and promotional events, with the option to be rented for private occasions.

KOOP Studio is not just a hair salon; it's a celebration of natural beauty and individuality. The ethos revolves around promoting true confidence and well-being by enhancing each person's unique qualities. Sustainability is key, with a focus on creating uniquely tailored cuts that remain beautiful over time. The studio's design reflects its core values, featuring an open, light, fresh space that embraces a raw, authentic, unrefined aesthetic, offering a sensory experience and a connection to nature's ever-changing beauty.

Whether you prefer the sleek sophistication of Podium or the dreamy ambiance of BGC, KOOP Studio promises an experience that goes beyond mere glamour – it's about feeling beautiful and enhancing your inherent charm. AIRA MIRANDA


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