Toktok marks three years of transforming delivery services and empowering entrepreneurs

8:46 pm on 27 December 2023, Wednesday

Celebrating its three-year anniversary, toktok, the brainchild of entrepreneurs Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang, stands as a testament to the ever-evolving landscape of the Filipino tech scene. In the heart of this dynamic environment, Toktok has reshaped the delivery landscape, empowered entrepreneurs, and enhanced the lives of Filipinos since its inception three years ago.

Pioneering Local Solutions with Toktok

Pioneering local solutions, Toktok emerged on December 8, 2020, as a local courier service app, initially created to address logistical challenges within the founders' businesses. However, its success quickly led to more possibilities and in-app integrations. Developed by Cloud Panda Ph, an IT company with a 100% Filipino development team, what sets Toktok apart is its commitment to local talent.

Empowering Dreams through Entrepreneurship

Beyond being a mere delivery service, Toktok serves as a platform that fosters dreams. The introduction of an online franchise offering has empowered countless Filipinos to embark on entrepreneurial journeys without leaving their homes. Toktok has evolved into more than just a service; it's a symbol of how innovation and technology can create new opportunities.

Revolutionizing Logistics with Toktok: More Than a Ride-Hailing App

Toktok is not your typical ride-hailing app; it offers a secure, affordable, and reliable approach to sending and receiving packages. Its unique business model opens avenues for anyone to earn extra income while enjoying a seamless experience. With user-friendly navigation and hassle-free transactions, Toktok has become the go-to choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient delivery partner.

As an important part of the Toktok super app, Toktokgo seamlessly integrates into the daily lives of Filipinos nationwide. Prioritizing both convenience and safety, Toktokgo enhances the ride-hailing experience. For those interested in joining the Toktokgo community as drivers or operators, registration is available at

The Toktok Ecosystem: Connecting Filipinos in New Ways

What is Toktok? It's more than a delivery service; it's an app designed to connect people through door-to-door deliveries and promote easier online shopping. Born in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, Toktok served as a vital source of income for Filipinos who lost their jobs.

The name "Toktok" is a fusion of 'tuktuk,' a mode of transportation in Thailand, and 'Toktok,' the knocking sound delivery drivers make. 

Explore the features of the Toktok app:

Toktokgo: The latest car service offering a hassle-free and safe journey at an affordable fare.

toktok delivery: Connecting people through fast, safe, and hassle-free door-to-door deliveries for small to bulk items.

Toktokpabili: An extra hand for buying needs when you can't leave your home, in partnership with SM Supermalls and Robinsons Malls.

Toktokmall: Your go-to for hassle-free shopping, offering a range of essentials and more.

toktokfood: Satisfy your food cravings with a seamless ordering experience.

Toktokwallet: A convenient way to transact payables, ensuring safety, reliability, and speed.

Toktokload: Offering discounted prepaid e-loading services and associated transactions for mobile networks, internet broadband, and utilities.

As Toktok celebrates three successful years, it invites everyone to make it an integral part of their Christmas season, whether delivering gifts or ensuring a hassle-free ride to festive gatherings. And don’t forget to try out Toktokgo, the latest addition to the Toktok family, an app integration that continues to elevate the ride-hailing experience. Visit, download the app, and become a part of the Toktok journey.


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