Jollibee takes a stand for animal welfare: transitions to cage-free eggs

5:26 pm on 28 September 2023, Thursday

By Aira Miranda


In a significant move towards responsible sourcing, Jollibee Foods Corporation, Asia’s leading restaurant group, has committed to using only cage-free eggs across its extensive global operations. This pledge encompasses a vast portfolio of brands, spanning over 6,300 restaurant, café, and bakery locations worldwide.


The company, known for iconic chains like Jollibee, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Red Ribbon, Chowking, and many others, is taking a proactive stance towards animal welfare. As outlined in their new responsible sourcing policy, Jollibee aims to transition to 100% cage-free eggs in the US by 2025. Looking ahead, their global goal is to achieve the same milestone by 2035. This ambitious endeavor will involve close collaboration with suppliers, partners, and industry leaders.


This commitment places Jollibee Foods Corporation in a commendable league of Asia-based food companies actively working to eliminate the use of caged eggs. Robyn del Rosario, Philippines Sustainability Program Manager at the Lever Foundation, a non-profit organization that collaborated with Jollibee on this initiative, highlighted the significance of this move within the broader context of the industry.


The company's decision to embrace cage-free eggs aligns with a wider trend in the Philippines. Over the past year, nearly twenty prominent food and beverage groups, including 75% of hospitality entities, along with convenience and retail players, have made similar pledges. This collective action reflects a growing awareness and commitment towards more humane and sustainable practices in the food industry.


Jollibee Foods Corporation's announcement follows in the footsteps of major players in the quick-service restaurant sector. This trend underscores the industry's collective push towards more ethical sourcing practices.



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