AirAsia gets ready to MOVE forward into a new era of travel

3:19 pm on 25 September 2023, Monday

By Aira Miranda

In a groundbreaking move, AirAsia Digital is set to revolutionize the travel landscape as it transforms into MOVE Digital. This shift signals a dynamic new phase for both airasia Superapp and BigPay, promising an era of unprecedented convenience and value for travelers.

The brainchild of Tony Fernandes, the visionary co-founder of AirAsia and CEO of Capital A, MOVE Digital aims to redefine how we experience travel. Fernandes steps into the role of MOVE's Executive Chairman, steering the collaboration between airasia Superapp (soon to be airasia move) and BigPay towards new heights.

"MOVE signifies our commitment to propel people, ideas, and innovation within the travel space," says Fernandes. Imagine a seamless platform offering travel and financial services integrated with features like balance displays and payments from BigPay. This synergy promises a travel experience like never before.

Nadia Omer, the newly appointed CEO of airasia move, is poised to lead the charge towards a low-cost travel platform with high conversion rates. Her mission? To seamlessly integrate airasia move with BigPay, spearheaded by Zubin Rada Krishnan. This dynamic trio is set to redefine travel accessibility and convenience.

The transformation comes at a time when airasia Superapp, soon to be rebranded as airasia move, has recorded its highest-ever monthly active users, a staggering 15 million. BigPay, on the other hand, has seen a remarkable 16% year-on-year growth in its carded user base. These numbers underline the growing demand for streamlined, integrated travel solutions.

MOVE Digital is poised to reshape how we navigate the travel landscape. With its transformative businesses, airasia move and BigPay, it's set to offer innovative, user-centric solutions that promise unparalleled value. This move is not just a rebranding, it's a revolution in travel convenience. 



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