Transforming Fashion with Purpose: GINLEE Studio's _/\/\/\ake O Initiative

4:26 pm on 28 August 2023, Monday

By Aira Miranda

Unveiling a fusion of innovation and sustainability, GINLEE Studio, a trailblazer in Singapore's fashion landscape, has taken a bold step towards reducing waste and fostering circular fashion practices. The brand's co-founder, Gin Lee, shares her insights into their latest design-led initiative, _/\/\/\ake O, and its resounding impact.

From Concept to Circular Reality

Gin Lee, alongside co-founder Tamir Niv, spearheaded _/\/\/\ake O as a visionary response to the fashion industry's mounting waste crisis. They realized that the conventional linear production model was perpetuating excess, pushing them to carve a circular path. Their goal: transform discarded fabrics into reimagined treasures, offering a second life to materials while advocating for responsible consumption.

"At GINLEE Studio, we're committed to Making Fashion That Matters," Gin Lee explains. "_/\/\/\ake O embodies our dedication to good design, mindful creation, and fostering a connection between our products, wearers, and the environment."

Circularity in Action

_/\/\/\ake O stands out by redefining how fashion engages with waste. Unlike recycling, which often occurs post-production, _/\/\/\ake O integrates circularity into the design process. This initiative breathes life into discarded fabric through ingenious techniques, like the 'cOts' approach, which enables on-demand coloring of base textiles. This not only curbs wasteful projections but also offers customers personalized pieces. Utility pockets known as 'pOcuts' find new life by repurposing offcuts, attaching flexibly to bags. 'Tee-tO-Bag' transforms sentimental t-shirts into functional totes, promoting emotional attachment and reducing landfill-bound textiles. The 'O Fix It' service further reinforces longevity by repairing and resizing apparels.

Empowering the Community

_/\/\/\ake O isn't just about products; it's an interactive experience. "We wanted to create a platform for customers to actively engage in circular fashion," Gin Lee states. Workshops empower participants to comprehend circularity's essence while crafting their unique pieces. For instance, the 'cOts' experience delves into pleating techniques, while 'Tee-tO-Bag' invites customers to collaborate in designing their totes.

Towards a Sustainable Future

Gin Lee envisions a shift in the fashion landscape through initiatives like _/\/\/\ake O. "Our aim is to cultivate a conscious culture," she emphasizes. The fashion industry's transformation requires both brands and consumers to align their practices with circular principles. By favoring longevity and mindful consumption, we can mitigate the adverse effects of overconsumption and waste.

Join the Circular Movement

With _/\/\/\ake O, GINLEE Studio beckons us to explore fashion's untapped potential. The innovative designs underscore the art of transforming waste into cherished pieces, while the interactive experiences invite us to be part of the solution. Embark on this circular journey, where fashion marries purpose with style, preserving the environment one thoughtfully designed piece at a time.



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