Taylor Swift unveils 13th track's title from upcoming album 'Midnights'

3:58 pm on 22 September 2022, Thursday

By Leslie Ordinario

The pop sensation Taylor Swift debuted a brand-new series on TikTok called "Midnights Mayhem with Me," in which she will reveal the track titles from her upcoming album "Midnights," which drops on October 21.

"I know that I have a habit of dropping cryptic clues and easter eggs when giving you information about new music, and I'm not here to deny that. But I am here to defy that," Taylor said.

The video showed her spinning a cage filled with ping pong balls, saying that it will help her allow fate to choose what track titles she will reveal.

Taylor ends up getting the ball labeled 13. "Track 13 is called 'Mastermind," she said while holding a red telephone.

According to the multi-awarded singer, "Midnight" comprises the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout her life.


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