42 New Millionaires awarded during JC Go Global Kick Off 2024

12:03 pm on 1 February 2024, Thursday

JC celebrated a momentous occasion during the Go Global Kick-Off event at the Metrotent Convention Center, Pasig City on January 7, 2024 with more than 3,000 attendees, showcasing a myriad of achievements from the past year.

Renowned Famous Celebrity Comedian, Mr. Paolo Contis, and the stunning Ms. Earth Water 2022, Ms. Roxie Smith, took the stage to host the much-anticipated event. Their dynamic presence added a touch of humor, glamour, and sophistication to the proceedings, captivating the audience from start to finish.

Post Pandemic Prosperity: The Rise of Millionaires

One of the most awaited parts of the event was the awarding ceremony of the 209 awardees in the different categories. And among the valuable recognition was the Post Pandemic Millionaires, 42 individuals added to its roster, marking their remarkable success in navigating the challenges of the pandemic-stricken world. It can be noted that during the pandemic JC hailed a total of 197 Pandemic Millionaires. This recognition is given to the franchisees who have reached the million-peso mark of their accumulated income in the post pandemic scenario. 

Mr. Jayson Dela Cruz, a former Corporate Specialist from team Spartans Elite who had earned P5.9 million and became one of the awardees for Post Pandemic Millionaire said during his interview that JC is an excellent opportunity for everyone because it offers both physical and online franchising. Their online franchising business is particularly flexible, allowing them to reach a global clientele while also making it simple for individuals who are new to traditional business practices.

On the other hand, the Wealth Builders Club which is a special recognition for company’s franchisees who have reached an accumulated income of at least 1 million peso or higher welcome total of 65 new members in the Ambassador Circle, the starting point for the Wealth Builders Circle whereas if the franchisee earns an accumulated income of at least P1,000,000 up to P5.9 million they will become part of this circle. On the other circles there were 4 new members of the President Circle, another 4 in the Champion Circle, and 1 in the Dark Horse Circle.

The Dark Horse Circle, the pinnacle of the Wealth Builder's Club, opens the doorway to the prestigious Million Dollar Circle, requiring an accumulated income of not less than P50 million.

Mr. Ferdinand Ryan Crisostomo from Team Eralista, the newest Dark Horse Circle member, walks through the aisle of the venue celebrating his monumental achievement. During his speech he said that he believes that if he was able to achieve a goal like that, he knows that there will be another one to achieve that and that might be you next in line.   

The event also shone a spotlight on the exceptional achievers in various categories. The Luxury Shopping category boasted 13 individuals, while 7 were celebrated for their exquisite taste in Luxury Watches. The Next Ride category honored 5 individuals, and 16 Car Achievers. There were 5 proud owners of Euro Cars which consist of Jaguar F-Type, Porsche Cayman, Mercedes Benz E350 and BMW Z4. The Sportscar Club welcomed 13 new members while an elite individual ascended with a Ferrari 488 Spider Supercar.

The culinary and business prowess of the JC community was further showcased through the Top 10 Food Cart, Top 10 Online and Community Franchisee, and Top 10 Food Hub accolades, revealing the diverse and successful ventures within the community.

Trust and Tested Brand by Celebrities

Celebrity couple Troy Montero and Aubrey Miles talked about how JC Organic Barley supports their way. Troy Montero shared how he discovered JC Organic Barley during his search for a solution to lower his cholesterol. The product proved effective for him, contributing to a notable decrease in his cholesterol levels. Meanwhile, Aubrey Miles emphasized the product's benefits for muscle building and fat burning. She incorporated it into her routine before meals, noticing an acceleration in her metabolism.

Prime Star Lorna Tolentino echoed the sentiment, expressing how JC Organic Barley Products contribute to her strength, especially considering her aversion to coffee due to a heart condition. With JC Barley Coffee's absence of palpitations, she enjoys her coffee without hesitation and finds that the organic barley juice complements her intermittent fasting routine. The trio's testimonials underscore the diverse health benefits of JC Organic Barley, making it a staple in their daily routines.

Dingdong Dantes, a Kapuso actor and JC Organic Barley Ambassador, talked about the gifts of wellbeing he gave to his family and friends over the holidays. Additionally, his pals claim that the device is the nicest Christmas present they have ever received and that they love it.

JC celebrated for Excellence with Multiple Accolades and Recognitions 

The event was not only a celebration of culinary delights and wellness innovations but also a moment to acknowledge outstanding achievements in the franchising realm. One such standout recognition was bestowed upon Siomai King, a prominent figure in the franchising business. Honored as the Franchising Hall of Famer of the Year at the prestigious Asia Leaders Awards (ALA), Siomai King's journey reached a significant milestone, further solidifying its exemplary status in the industry. This accolade follows the company's remarkable trajectory, having previously been named the Franchising Company of the Year for three consecutive years in 2020, 2021, and 2022, culminating in the coveted Hall of Fame status achieved in 2023.

JC Organic Barley, another thriving venture under JC, received accolades for “Best Natural Supplement of the Year” by Asia Leaders Awards. Co-founders Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang emphasized their dedication and creativity in both business and personal goals during their acceptance speech. Dingdong Dantes, the brand ambassador for JC Organic Barley, expressed his unwavering support through a brief but impactful message.

President Jonathan So and Vice President Carlito Macadangdang were also awarded for Captains of Industries by Rising Tigers Magazine for their exceptional leadership. Rising Tigers magazine Chief Marketing Officer Ms. Andria Terese Nicolas said that “Aligned with the vision of Rising Tigers we believe that JC is contributing to Nation Building and we are proud to announce that JC is one of our Captains of Industries, sharing to all the path to greatness.”

Innovations Galore: JC unveils Exciting Additions and Travel Incentives

The event was a dynamic showcase of pivotal announcements that left a lasting impact on attendees. First and foremost, JC Organic Barley's inclusion in the esteemed Philippine Pharmaceutical Directory was revealed, underscoring the product's recognition for its exceptional quality and health benefits. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as the unveiling of the new Barley Coffee Mocha flavor captured the attention and enthusiasm of the audience, promising a delightful addition to JC's lineup.

Siomai King, a key player in franchising, introduced the Adobo Siopao, a new addition to their menu, enhancing culinary diversity. The event also introduced the JC App, a user-friendly platform for exploring JC's diverse offerings. The JC Quest promo offered an interactive experience for participants to unlock exclusive perks and incentives. The event also celebrated the dedication of product movers with fun travel incentives, offering a unique reward for those who contribute significantly to JC's success. These announcements emphasized JC's commitment to innovation, culinary excellence, and community efforts.

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