JC's Top Product Movers Live Like Royalty at Balesin's Lavish Paradise

12:47 pm on 22 March 2024, Friday

From March 12-14, 2024, JC's top product movers were treated like kings and queens during an exclusive getaway to the luxurious Balesin Island Resort. This private island getaway was the reward for the company's 50 highest achievers in sales.

Upon arrival at Balesin's shores, the elite stop performers were immediately welcomed by the island's stunning beauty and first-class amenities. They checked into the wonderful Toscana Villa for a pampered 3-day, 2-night stay fit for royalty. 

The action-packed itinerary was a perfect blend of work, play and indulgence. The group enjoyed a guided land tour through Balesin's themed villas, getting an inside look at the island's scenery. They participated in an informative product training focused on JC's powerhouse barley line.

But it wasn't all business at this tropical paradise. The fun really heated up with hilarious beach games and teambuilding like Dragon's Tail, sand castle building contests, and laugh-out-loud crazy relays. Of course, there was also plenty of time to simply relax, unwind, and embrace getting treated like VIPs.  

The incredible gastronomic experience transported the attendees around the world as they feasted on a rotating menu of international cuisines and delicacies, it was an out-of-this-world culinary adventure.

As one of the most expensive and exclusive island resorts in the Philippines, Balesin's membership dues and accommodation fees can be on the higher range but JC pulled out all the stops to give its star product movers the ultimate vacation.

The 50 top product movers who joined the lavish Balesin getaway were:

1. Mylene Bagui Perez
2. Suhair Azis Abangon
3. Teofilo Salvador Natividad Jr. 
4. Zenaida Calantoc Natividad 
5. Christopher Natividad Huffman 
6. Salama Barodi Abangon
7. Rosalio Balisoro
8. Christian V Juego
9. Janet J Yalong
10. Kristelle Melody U Santos 
11. Ma Regina Quizon Dimayacyac
12. Bernarda Balisoro
13. Jenifer Elento Arellano
14. Ramon Baura Ang 
15. Catherine L Montoya
16. Sheena T Lasconia
17. Aida Khee Castañares
18. Rachel Javier Hernandez
19. Fritzie Y Gothot
20. Ma. Teresa Rigor Lanzanas 
21. Jessica Manlincon Domingo 
22. Jay Alipoyo Pabualan
23. Hanna Celline S Ramos
24. Jocelyn Rodriguez Penafiel
25. Dianne Abbigail Layug Tan
26. Rose May Caspillo Dela Cruz 
27. Melanie Arellano Cruz
28. Blesilda Angeles Pascual
29. Mark Bryan Labastida De La Cruz 
30. Rubeluna Doronio Pernitez
31. Mary Ann Orongan Beringuil
32. Elizabeth H Liwag
33. Ma. Magdalena Blasquez Apolinario
34. Kristel Carol Acosta Gregorio
35. Daisy Sanoy Gulles
36. Jmor Kaiser Acebes Tejero
37. Melinda Matas Cabe
38. Irene De Guzman Binas
39. Abigail Manalo Santos
40. Reynaldo Salinas Bandalan
41. Quennie L Vi
42. Ma Cecilia Del Rosario-Cinco 
43. Charles Kevin Layug Tan
44. Marieflor Filosopo Gapas 
45. Joel Orque Castillo
46. Jean Batcho Urquiola 
47. Erold Jake Laygo Lascano 
48. Ana Maria Cueto Villanueva 
49. Myriam Arguelles Bernarte 
50. Ricarlyn Ramilo Galang

The Balesin Island vacation was the latest in JC's tradition of providing amazing incentives to its best product movers. From chopper rides in Tagaytay to beachside adventures in El Nido, the company truly sets the bar for rewarding its elite with extraordinary experiences.

For those interested in exploring the diverse entrepreneurial opportunities offered by JC, visit the official website at jcpremiere.com.


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