2021 is not the best year to build a PC

5:47 pm on 23 November 2021, Tuesday

By Arvenz Llanto

Suppose you're looking to build a gaming PC or an Editing PC with powerful components this year so let me tell you something that will change your mind: PC component shortages. 

It's been a common problem since the onset of COVID-19. The reason for this global shortage of PC components is there's a shortage of microchips globally. Over the past year, we have only seen "out of stock" signages on store pages for PC components like graphic cards, CPUs, PSUs, and even gaming mice. In addition, PC gaming for the past year has been on a tremendous all-time high since most people have been working from home since the pandemic.

The root cause for this supply issue is the current pandemic, which has dramatically impacted the production of today's most in-demand products, especially the parts to build a PC. The coronavirus affected the production so severely that factories are halting reproduction, and they're still trying to make up for the delays and supply issues even this very day.

We must also consider the rise of cryptocurrency mining which made the prices of graphic cards skyrocket and is also a reason for the supply issues. So If you're an average PC builder, this makes things worse. 

Nobody knows when this crisis might end, not even the industry-leading PC component companies like Nvidia or AMD. Others say that this will end in 2023, which is not a good sign for those who want to build a gaming PC or even a PC for work. So instead, people buy low-end or generations-old PC parts just to develop their own system.

The COVID-19 has undoubtedly impacted the production of today's most in-demand components. Factories halted production early on in 2020 and are largely still playing catch-up today. Unfortunately, bots and cryptocurrency mining continue to make matters worse for your average PC builder, new and old.



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