JC rewards its Top Wholesalers to an exclusive Coron Palawan Getaway

12:21 pm on 16 May 2024, Thursday

For their exceptional achievements, JC's crème de la crème product movers were rewarded with a lavish three-day, two-night escape to the ultra-luxurious Club Paradise Palawan from May 7-9, 2024. The exclusive island getaway served as a tropical playground for the company's 50 highest performers to bask in unparalleled indulgence.


Upon arriving at the exclusive Dimakaya Island, the group was swept away by Club Paradise's stunning views of lush forests, vibrant reefs, and powdery white beaches. The said beachfront haven is frequently visited by local and international celebrities looking for privacy and relaxation.


The exciting itinerary mixed work and play. The top movers received an insightful product training focused on JC's powerful barley line. But the real thrill came from the incredible range of recreational activities that let them immerse in the ever beautiful Palawan.


Fun beach volleyball matches and table tennis tournaments were also held for the sporty attendees. And those seeking for a more peaceful escape opted for kayaking, while the adventurous some went snorkeling amid Palawan's vibrant marine life, getting an up-close look at the region's underwater biodiversity.


There was also plenty of relaxation for the elite product movers to recharge their batteries and just unwind while enjoying the place. And of course the finest international flavors filled the movers during their stay.


The 50 top product movers who joined the lavish Club Paradise vacation were:


1. Carmelina Bermudez Pabello

2. Ralchie Anonuevo Florentino

3. Maria Vanesa V Pagsisihan

4. Marcelina Rosales Malaluan

5. Eden Peachy Pabello Manzanillo

6. Resie Del Rosario Cruz

7. Cessangelyn Delos Angeles Mendoza

8. Junia Ananayo Lugmayo

9. Jose Henry Jr Domingo Espulgar

10. Josefina Marin Serrano

11. Aida Khee Castañares

12. Janet Jyalong

13. Jenifer Elento Arellano

14. Shiela Marie Abao Boglosa

15. Rose May Caspillo Dela Cruz

16. Josephine De Leon Yeo

17. Ma. Magdalena Blasquez Apolinario

18. Daisy Bacani Bautista

19. Jocelyn Baguios Lozada

20. May Villaranda Cerelles

21. Earl Khee Castanares

22. Ralph Adrian Khee Castanares

23. Rubeluna Doronio Pernitez

24. Michael Jose Manzanillo

25. Mark Bryan Labastida De La Cruz

26. Flores Lagrimas Bernardo

27. June Digna E Biado

28. Mary Jessadee Cualing Guirgio

29. Armando Tomagan Quindoza

30. Ma. Victoria V Lanuza

31. Teofilo Salvador Natividad Jr.

32. Mary Jane C Rabanzo

33. Joernie Tacda Olivar

34. Princess Faye T Chavez

35. Ma. Teresa Rigor Lanzanas

36. Christian V Juego

37. King Mark P Pinos

38. Ariane A Amparo

39. Elizabeth H Liwag

40. Kevin Richmond Outan

41. Kristelle Melody U Santos

42. Analyn Bingwaoel Pinagod

43. Rachel Javier Hernandez

44. Kelly Anntrala

45. Alliza Talan Dela Rosa

46. Alona Jane M Purio

47. Norman S Canono

48. Venancio II F Pazcoguin

49. Erarev Bacho Crisostomo

50. Marco Bavila


The trip was the latest in JC's renowned tradition of rewarding its elite product movers with extraordinary travel incentives fit for royalty.


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