LOST MARY found turning up the Fun Roof in Makati

2:06 pm on 14 December 2023, Thursday

In a night of pulsating beats and electrifying vibes at The Fun Roof in Poblacion, Makati, LOST MARY, a global vaping sensation, unveiled its latest masterpiece — the MO10000. Hosted by the charismatic Sam YG and set to the live tunes of Filipino rock legends, the event marked a defining moment as front man Monty Macalino himself took a few contemplative puffs on the revolutionary MO10000.



A Cloud of Innovation in Every Puff

LOST MARY’s MO10000 isn’t just a vape; it’s a technological marvel. Boasting the latest atomizing solution, this ultra-big puff device promises an unrivaled vaping experience. It’s not just about the quantity of puffs; it’s about the quality.

Mesh Coil Magic: Unparalleled Stability

At the heart of MO10000 lies the Mesh Coil technology, ensuring stability and reliability in flavor reproduction. From the initial inhale to the very last exhale, the taste is consistent and satisfying. This fine atomization also results in thick, velvety vapor, creating an immersive journey for vape enthusiasts.

Style Meets Substance: The MO10000 Aesthetic

Elevating the vaping experience, MO10000 is a visual feast. Adorned with a glossy, shimmering ripple design and nanoscale optical coatings, it’s not just a vape; it’s a fashion statement. Holding MO10000 is like holding the future of vaping.

Power at a Glance: Real-time Display

Beyond aesthetics, MO10000 is practical. Equipped with a real-time power and e-liquid display, users can stay informed about battery life and e-liquid levels with just a quick glance. It’s innovation at your fingertips.

Flavors as Unique as You Are

With 16 meticulously crafted flavors presented in vivid colors, MO10000 caters to diverse preferences. LOST MARY understands that vaping is a personal experience, and with this extensive flavor selection, there’s something for everyone.

Lost Mary’s Global Odyssey Lands in the Philippines

Founded in 2021, LOST MARY disrupted the vaping industry in the United Kingdom before conquering over 50 global markets. Now, it’s the Philippines’ turn to experience the future of vaping. As LOST MARY expands globally, it remains committed to delivering top-tier products while adhering to local regulations, ensuring a responsible and legal vaping experience.

For those ready to embrace the future of vaping, visit https://www.lost-mary.com/ and join the revolution.


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