Embark on safe travels and unmissable offers with AirAsia Philippines

5:29 pm on 22 August 2023, Tuesday

By Aira Miranda


Calling all travel enthusiasts and adventure seekers! The sky beckons, and AirAsia Philippines is ready to guide your journey. Amidst the excitement, a friendly reminder stands: embark on your travels with both enthusiasm and caution.

Be Wary of Imitations: While it’s always fun turning your travel dreams into reality, it's vital to stay vigilant against potential exploitation of our name. Reports have surfaced about unauthorized Facebook groups and individuals falsely claiming affiliation with AirAsia Philippines. Their enticing offers may promise unbelievable travel deals, but it's crucial not to be carried away. For your trusted bookings, rely on the airasia Superapp, our official website, and our network of accredited travel agencies, with over 850 partners nationwide.

Guiding this mission is Steve Dailisan, Head of Communications and Public Affairs at AirAsia Philippines. He emphasizes the significance of your safety, especially in an age where online scams are as prevalent as in-flight snacks.

And now, for the thrilling part! Prepare for the "Get Your Add-On: 2 Million airasia Points Giveaway." This exclusive promotion is your gateway to securing flights and enhancing your journey with baggage upgrades, preferred seats, and travel insurance. From *August 15 to November 15*, each booking made through the airasia Superapp or website enters you for a chance to win up to a remarkable 500,000 airasia points. These points are your key to unlocking dream-worthy flights and accommodations.

But there's more! The iconic AirAsia PISO SALE makes a triumphant return, offering one-way base fares starting at just PHP1 for domestic routes and P588 for international getaways. Seize this opportunity before it vanishes on August 27, 2023, valid for flights scheduled from February 19, 2024, to January 19, 2025.

Stay well-informed, secure, and inspired by connecting with AirAsia’s official platforms—the airasia Superapp, website (www.airasia.com), and their social media channels. Safe travels! 


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