JC Cares x Beauty Beyond Borders: Empowering Lives Through Healthcare and Confidence Building

5:47 pm on 21 August 2023, Monday

By Aira Miranda

In a heartwarming moment that showcased compassion and care, the Beauty Beyond Borders Medical Mission, in collaboration with JC Cares, unfolded on July 26, 2023, at the San Juan Gym in San Juan City. The event, organized by the renowned Aivee Group in partnership with the San Juan City Local Government Unit (LGU), brought together healthcare professionals, volunteers, and the local community to create a positive impact on the lives of San Juan City residents.


A Transformative Endeavor


At the core of this event was a resounding mission: to provide much-needed healthcare support to the community while uplifting their self-esteem. The medical mission offered free skin consultations and minor surgeries, such as wart and cyst removals, all aimed at enhancing the quality of life for the residents. This gesture was a testament to the Aivee Group’s commitment to utilizing their expertise for the betterment of society.

JC Cares Contribution


Adding an extra layer of generosity and kindness to the event, JC Cares significantly contributed by donating 100 loot bags filled with JC products to the patients. This gesture not only provided practical essentials but also conveyed an important message of empathy and support. JC Cares, a foundation dedicated to creating a positive impact on lives through meaningful actions, demonstrated its unwavering commitment to making a difference.

The Power of Beauty Beyond Borders

The Beauty Beyond Borders initiative, as highlighted on its Instagram page [@beautybeyondbordersph](https://www.instagram.com/beautybeyondbordersph/?hl=en), aims to bridge the gap between aesthetics and compassion. Through this event, they showcased how the realm of beauty and wellness can extend beyond appearances to touch lives in profound ways.


The Heart Behind JC Cares

JC Cares Foundation, established in 2018, operates with a simple yet powerful motto - #KeepHelping. Founded by visionary entrepreneurs Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang. The founders, who are also the owners of esteemed brands like JC (Healthy, Beauty, Wellness), House of Franchise, and toktok, wanted to make a significant impact in the lives of those in need.

More than just a nonprofit organization, JC Cares envisions creating a cycle of positive change by providing individuals with the means to lead fuller, happier lives. Their commitment aligns with the objective of the Beauty Beyond Borders event - to transcend physical appearances and touch the lives of San Juan City residents on a deeper level.


Leaving a Lasting Impact

The Beauty Beyond Borders x JC Cares collaboration was more than a medical mission; it was a testament to the transformative power of unity, compassion, and selflessness. Through the collaboration of Aivee Group, San Juan City LGU, and JC Cares, the event not only provided essential healthcare but also sowed the seeds of confidence and self-belief. As the participants walked away with smiles and the tools to lead better lives, this event left an indelible mark on the community, reminding us all of the positive change that can be brought about when different entities come together for a common cause.

For more information on the impactful work of JC Cares Foundation, visit their website at [www.jccaresfoundation.ph](www.jccaresfoundation.ph) 


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