Siomai King revolutionizes franchise business in Cebu City

12:45 pm on 27 July 2023, Thursday

Siomai King, the renowned food cart franchise, continues to thrive amidst the challenges in the business sector over the past few years, proving its adaptability and commitment to success. With its recent opening in SM City Cebu on July 8, 2023, Siomai King is making waves in the culinary scene of Cebu City.

The driving force behind Siomai King in Cebu is a dynamic mother and son duo, Mrs. Carmil Nemeño, a nurse, and Mr. Jessie Jay Nemeño, a chef. 

Their passion for the food industry led them to venture into various businesses, including three coffee shops in Cebu and Iloilo. Impressed by the exceptional product and robust franchise business system of Siomai King, they decided to open the first-ever Siomai King food kiosk in SM City Cebu, situated at Block 5 Terminal Area, SM City Cebu NRA Mabolo.

In addition to Siomai King, the enterprising owners have also franchised the upcoming Noodle House in Cebu. Their culinary expertise and experience in the industry make them well-equipped to thrive in the franchise business.

Siomai King's success lies in its ability to adapt to the changing landscape of the food industry. While many businesses struggled during the pandemic, Siomai King quickly transitioned from traditional food cart operations to an innovative "online Franchise" platform. This shift allowed the company to continue serving its loyal customers and attract new ones despite the challenges.

Siomai King, led by young business magnates CEO Jonathan So and CFO Carlito Macadangdang, has introduced a revolutionary approach to franchising. The dedication and expertise of its owners make it a compelling choice for aspiring entrepreneurs in Cebu City. Whether it's through their delectable siomai offerings or their unwavering support for franchisees, Siomai King is truly revolutionizing the franchise business in Cebu City.


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