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1:32 pm on 6 June 2023, Tuesday

In a dazzling display of culinary mastery and innovation, McCormick Culinary hosted an event last May 18 at The Grand Hyatt in BGC, Taguig that left taste buds tingling and imaginations running wild.

“McCormick, Together We Flavor" united the crème de la crème of the culinary service industry, delightful food inspirations, mesmerizing showcases, and insightful revelations on the food industry beyond flavor.

The spotlight of the evening was on McCormick's 23rd Flavor Forecasts, a fascinating glimpse into the future of flavor. Renowned McCormick chefs, Chef Michelle Zammit (Senior Culinary Development, McCormick Australia) and Chef Tenten Casasola (Innovations & Culinary Team Manager, McCormick Philippines), took center stage, delving deep into each forecast, unraveling the secrets behind the gustatory experiences that lay ahead;

? Full Flavored Fats - set the stage for an epicurean journey beyond imagination. Gone are the days when fats were misunderstood and shunned, now, they have emerged as the unsung heroes, infusing everyday dishes and drinks with an irresistible richness from velvety butter to plant-based wonders, the possibilities are endless and the flavors are simply divine.

? Everyday French - this cuisine is liberated out of fine dining to make its way into the hearts and kitchens of everyday food lovers. Grounded in the techniques and ingredients of French cooking, but democratized for today’s kitchen, French cuisine has never been more approachable.

? Beyond Heat - took the guests in a fiery reveal that heat means more than hot. McCormick pushes beyond singular spicy to take a journey into heat, embarking to redefine the very essence of spice by experimenting with complementary ingredient pairings that push boundaries and awaken the senses with the different notes that each spice brings out.

Talking about these flavor possibilities would not be as exciting if not experienced. With the unveiling of the ballroom's show kitchen, and masterful demonstrations from Grand Hyatt’s Executive Chef Mark Hagan, the Flavor Forecasts came to life to ensure the guests got to taste and savor it all. Imagine the symphony of flavors in the mouth-watering Loup De Mer A La Meuiniere.

The delicate sea bass, pan-seared to perfection in the rich embrace of butter, was crowned with a luscious lemon caper butter sauce. Each bite was a tantalizing dance of nutty undertones and zesty accents, a true testament to the power of Full Flavored Fats.

The enchantment continued with the Camembert Au Four, a heavenly creation that showcased the magic of Everyday French. Baked to perfection, the creamy camembert was adorned with homemade fig jam, honey, and toasted walnuts, showing the guests how french techniques can be done to elevate dishes simply yet beautifully.

And for the grand finale, Chef Mark's team presented a dessert that perfectly showcased the strength and depth of spices beyond their fiery reputation — the Spiced Soft Serve Ice Cream. Velvety vanilla soft serve, infused with McCormick's Szechuan peppers, took center stage. As each spoonful touched the lips, a tingling sensation mingled with floral notes left the guests in a state of pure joy. Accompanied by a delicate honey twill, the dessert was a testament to the audacious spirit of Beyond Heat.

Moving on to more than just culinary delights, esteemed guest speakers graced the stage to share their wisdom to inspire the audience of food service industry practitioners. Miko David, president and co-founder of David & Golyat Management, Inc., shared insightful data on shifting consumer preferences in the Philippines.

The impact of the pandemic had reshaped the dining landscape, with fast food services surging in popularity and chicken dishes becoming a morning staple. David emphasized the influence of social media in shaping consumer choices, underlining the importance of establishing a strong digital presence for food establishments.

Greg Camacho, Grab Director for Deliveries, shed light on the future of the food e-commerce industry. In a world where hybrid lifestyles reign supreme, Camacaho said “as more consumers subscribe to a hybrid lifestyle, an omnichannel strategy is integral in futureproofing the success of businesses after the height of the pandemic. Food enterprises must provide consumers with the digital convenience they need both for on-demand deliveries and in-store dining.

The future of food lies in embracing technology while nurturing authentic human connections.” Eric Dee, Chief Operating Officer of Foodee Global Concepts, unveiled the positive role of technology in the dining scene.

Dismissing dystopian fears, Dee celebrated technology as a powerful tool to enhance efficiency and streamline operations, allowing more time for meaningful human connections. It was a call to embrace innovation while staying true to the essence of genuine hospitality. At McCormick, Together We Flavor, the brand continues its unwavering commitment as a flavor partner to the food service industry by staying ahead of emerging trends and guiding restaurateurs with the necessary tools they need to navigate the ever-evolving consumer preferences. And McCormick will continue to inspire chefs and food establishments to push the boundaries for culinary creation and elevate dishes to leave an indelible mark on the culinary landscape.

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