“JSO day” -A Worthy Purpose, JC cares gives smile to Gawad Kalinga Community

3:25 pm on 4 June 2023, Sunday

Dalai Lama famously said, "The purpose of our lives is to be happy." For some, happiness is not merely attaining success but providing others with reasons to smile.

Philanthropist and young business tycoon Jonathan So knows the meaning of living a purposeful life. On his recent birthday celebration, he spent his day at  Laura Drive  Gawad Kalinga Community instead of partying with powerful and wealthy friends.

He said he could not ask for anything more as he, over the years, thrived and would rather be one with ordinary people.

Boss Jo, fondly called by millionaire franchise owners and staff, spreads smiles on his special day by giving away 100 loot bags for Gawad Kalinga families, 80 loot bags with school supplies for Grades 6 and below, and 90 loot bags with school supplies for Grade 7 to Senior Highschool.

"Ang wish ko lang po sa birthday ko para sa inyo. Maniwala lang po kayo sa nasa taas at wag na wag kayong susuko, he said.

Wearing an auspicious red shirt on his natal day, Boss Jo added that his blessings are all heaven-sent, "Tandaan nyo po hanggat nananalig kayo sa taas at hanggat andyan ang  pamilya ninyo huwag na huwag kayong susuko."

JC Cares, a foundation established by So and Carlito Macadangdang, has been an avenue of their giving-back-to-the-community activities as their JC, House of Franchise, toktok, and mega-successful chains of businesses continue to achieve greater heights.

"Pangako po namin sa JC Cares kasama ng aking partner na si Carlito Macadangdang, hindi dito magtatapos ang pagtulong namin sa inyo," So assured the families of GK.

Gift-giving events like this have been a staple undertaking for the two. However, on So's special day, JC Cares collaborated with Gawad Kalinga's officials to give him an extra oomph birthday celebration.

AZ Martinez & Althea Ablan ( GMA Sparkle Artist ) also help and attend the distribution of donations to Laura Drive Gawad Kalinga. Dance and song numbers were performed in between, much to the children's delight.
In return, they, too, showcased their talents to So and his companions.
Boss Jo was surprised by a heartwarming letter from a child he had been supporting for so many years. So read the handwritten greetings in front of the parents.

JC and HOF's Top Franchisee also helped celebrate Boss Jo's birthday by providing additional food and giveaways. In addition, the multi-millionaire group of Dianne Abbigail Tan, Erarev Bacho, Ranielito Macadangdang, Ferdinand Ryan Crisostomo, King Mark Pinos, Kenichi Enda, Jayson Dela Cruz, and Kurt Joseph Nocum took time to show to their Boss Jo, their appreciation of his guidance that led to their own individual's successes.

A phenomenal achiever at his young age, So rose to fame and financial success by leading some of the Philippines' biggest brands like JC Premier, House of Franchise, Pinoy superapp toktok, Coppermask, Mang Bok's, and many more. He started his business empire with his best friend, Carlito Macadangdang, while still in college to launch the trailblazing Siomai King.

"I know what it's like to be poor, so I impose it on myself to share my roadmap to success with others. Victory comes to those who are relentless and fight for their dreams," Jonathan So revealed.

"It wasn't easy, but I'd like more people to hear about me and Carl's journey. So that they can learn and avoid committing the same mistakes as we did," he furthered.

What was a leap of chance landed them the titles of Philippine Franchise Kings and many monickers, solidifying their stature as rockstar entrepreneurs with big hearts.

So is one of People Asia's People of the Year Awardees this year.

To know more about the life and successes of Jonathan So, visit www.houseoffranchise.com and www.jcwordwide.com.



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