Just For Fun! JC/HOF Top 50 Franchisee Earners rewarded with a trip to Balesin Island

6:06 pm on 28 April 2023, Friday

Are you dreaming of jetting off to the unique, members-only, private leisure getaway Alphaland Balesin Island Club? But how could a regular franchisee like you do?

Fret no more! Because there is a simple way to become a millionaire and get a free vacation to Balesin at the same time. Just ask JC and House of Franchise's Top 50 Performers Worldwide who have the highest income for March 2023 and participated in this year's Just For Fun! Free Balesin Trip.

The elite list comprises top-tier franchisees who earned through JC's and House of Franchises' products and services. With all their hard work, business tycoons Jonathan So and Carl Macadangdang awarded them a one-of-a-kind summer trip.

They flew via the Balesin private chartered plane to get everyone to the 500-hectare tropical island paradise with 7.3 kilometers of pristine white-sand beaches. Special guests, and newly-joined JC franchisees, artists Boy 2 Quizon and Vandolph Quizon, also joined the fun-filled trip.

For three days, they stayed in one of the luxurious villas and enjoyed the first-class amenities of Balesin. The all-expense paid trip was the exclamation point to the series of incentives given to JC, HOF's Top Performers.

Previously, another group of company achievers spent several days in another opulent holistic wellness resort in Luzon.

Purpose-driven duo Jonathan So and Carl Macadangdang, whose business has helped many people, making them valuable contributors to the community, lead the pack as they explore the island's sights, sounds, and gastronomic treasures.

"We are grateful to our dynamic franchisees because they drive our group of companies to more success. This travel incentive is our small way of saying thank you, to God be the glory of all our hard work," President and CEO Jonathan So said.

"This is truly amazing, right? Sa iba kasi, kapag nasa iyo na product or food cart, di ka na napapansin ng main owner, but it's different with us. If you get one of our franchises, be that JC, Siomai King, Noodle House, Mang Boks, Boy Bondat, Potato King, toktok, walang iwanan! We will be with you as you grow your business," Vice President and CFO Carl Macadangdang added.

More than a celebration, the trip was a respite for the top 50 Performers, who, after their beach frolicking, will return to the real world and try to achieve more.

This year's top 50 performers are:
1. Dianne Abbigail L. Tan
2. Erarev I. Bacho
3. Ranielito B. Macadangdang
4. Ferdinand Ryan S. Crisostomo
5. Kenichi R. Enda
6. Jayson D. Dela Cruz
7. King Mark P. Pinos
8. Frewin Jacy Go
9. Kristelle Melody U. Santos
10. Geraldine Popioco
11. Princess Faye T. Chavez
12. Alexander Truman O. Tomas
13. Lester P. Cruz
14. Marjorie S. Baguino-rivera
15. Ej Lorenz S. Manalansan
16. Dennis Chan L. Villarosa
17. Kurt Joseph L. Nocum
18. Angelo Raymund S. Santos
19. Kristel Carol A. Gregorio
20. Venancio F. Pazcoguin Ii
21. Aleza May Landicho
22. Julius Christian L. Yang
23. Gualberto T. Damasco Iii
24. Gabriel Nino C. Molina
25. Maria Arriza Carla Santos
26. Robert M. Gonzales
   Norman S. Canono
   Vitzler V. Aviola
27. Racquel M. Garcia
28. Yuki Ann G. Ordaz
29. Vivencio S. Rojas, Jr.
30. Karen A. Rojas
31. Mary Ann Joy C. Yang
32. Jay Mark B. Busque
33. Melanie A. Cruz
34. Jeffrey Robert L. Espinosa
35. Mary Jessadee C. Guirgio
36. Christian A. Cabanero
37. Rjay P. Bulaong
38. Gerlie C. Maguad
39. Stephanie D. Enda
40. Giemarie C. Cruz
41. Eldrich Matthew C. Mordeno
42. Shiela R. Tan
43. Marilyn B. Macalalad
44. Kevin Richmond O. Tan
   Jhoanna Marie T. Peralta
45. Ralph C. Macahilig
46. Eleonor May S. Estrada
47. Joanna Marie Razon
48. Jenny Rose S. Atienza
49. Jean B. Urquiola
50. Kenneth Ang C. Cham

Aside from mentoring and other business development activities, the group played games such as crazy relay, stacker pyramid & pass and catch.

For those who did not make it to the list, you still have the next year to beat other franchisees. Meanwhile, reading this and saying, "Hey, I want to get my franchise and be there too!"

It is so easy; all you have to do is go to these websites: https://jcpremiere.com/ and https://houseoffranchiseinc.com/hof/ to choose which franchise fits your type and capital. Of course, the earlier you own yours, the faster you will be eligible for the exciting incentives given to outstanding performers.


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