Selina Alas opens up on cancer journey, mentions beneficial 'green juice'

10:33 am on 7 March 2023, Tuesday

After beating cancer in 2022, courtside reporter Selina Dagdag-Alas took to her Instagram page to discuss her journey lengthily. 


After all, the young sportscaster's life is an open book.


Selina's  Instagram was the first to reveal many milestones, from her sportscaster career, her marriage to NLEX Warrior and PBA star Kevin Alas, and her heartbreaking cancer diagnosis and how bravely she overcame it.

"I remembered walking out of the first specialist clinic, and I just fell into Kevin's arms and repeatedly cried, 'help me, God.' But looking back, you know I've seen the Lord answer that cries for help in more ways than I can imagine," she narrated.

Selina and Kevin's church wedding was the talk of the town in 2021. So it was a match made in heaven that the public journeyed with the couple as they announced their pregnancy months after. 


But reports of miscarriage followed suit.


In 2022, Selina went to her doctor for a regular checkup but discovered that her eight-week pregnancy had not progressed. Then, months after going through a dilation and curettage procedure, it was revealed that there were signs of cancer.



Selina battled against a rare form of cancer called Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasia (GTN), a type of Gestational Trophoblastic Disease (GTD) that is always malignant. According to Johns Hopkins University, GTD is the term given to a group of rare tumors that develop during the early stages of pregnancy, just as when the woman's body prepares to nourish the embryo or the baby.

From the day she was diagnosed with the deadly disease, Selina said that she has always felt the presence of God guiding her along the way.

According to Selina, the whole process of doing chemotherapy and going to treatment was so "surreal" for her.

Her renewed faith in God was her first line of defense against her cancer.

"Looking back, I honestly don't know how I got through it—si God lang talaga. But, as I mentioned, I remember feeling weak and nauseous for the most part."

Even the simplest acts of opening her phone screen or responding to people would make her feel dizzy. "I also needed to stay in a very dark room because methotrexate, my chemo drug, was incompatible with sunlight."


"But through every single day, I truly felt the Lord with me," Selina proudly shared.


Fast forward to the present, Selina is living her life to the fullest, cancer-free. With her experience, she continuously serves as a beacon of hope for others—inspiring people never to lose hope.


The Beneficial ‘Green Juice’ of JC


Additionally, Selina shared that among those who she feels grateful for is her neighbor, "Ate Gema."


Selina shares, "One of the people that the Lord used to bless me during my month with cancer was my dear neighbor; I call her Ate Gema."


She continued, "So si Ate Gem, she would send me all of these supplements and organic products to help my body fight as I went through strong medication. She would send me a couple of these products, as I mentioned. Pero, of course, I knew, being a cancer patient then, that I needed to run everything I was ingesting by my doctor."


Ate Gema—whom Selina described as a meticulous and thoughtful being—researched a "green juice" which she advocated for Selina to drink.


"So I started taking this green juice as often as possible, and thankfully, I felt it made a difference in my body."

The beneficial "green juice"? JC's Organic Barley Juice, which is made of the finest young barley grass cultivated from the green fields of New Zealand. 


Tagged as one of the  21st-century superfoods, barley provides essential nutrients like protein, eight essential amino acids, highly alkalizing minerals, and a whole range of vitamins. 


Significant data has shown the youth-enhancing, muscle-building, and immune-strengthening effects of barley. A substantial number of consumers say it has helped them lower cholesterol and glucose levels leading to a healthy colon, heart and manageable weight.


A super life with superfood barley


Only in January did Selina post her video testament about her journey in beating her cancer.


What was evident in her testimonial was her robust family support system and her ever-growing faith in God. But she too discussed the many nourishment and supplements she received from those who care, especially Ate Ema's green juice.


Selina said she added the juice on top of the supplements she received and experienced wonders from it.


"I added this green juice, and I saw the effects. There was evidence and proof in my blood works. You know, eventually, after going through my cycles and supplementing with this green juice, by the grace of God, my HCG levels after about seven cycles went down to 1.20, so that is considered normal. In some hospitals, that's the lowest level already," she said.



Selina believes that constant barley juice drinking helped manage her cancer,"Praise God, we did the re-test the following day, and all of a sudden, my lungs were clear. So my cancer was staged to 1." she revealed.


"It was almost miraculous, so nakita ko talaga yung difference, even yung liver enzymes ko, which shot up, I told you guys, 5 times the normal level, nag normalize rin siya eventually and my red blood cells , white blood cells, and hemoglobin, it also went up. Nag normalize. As such, I was able to carry through with my treatment and I was able to finish it. Until I was officially in remission."


Selina's video on Instagram is not only viral but has become a source of inspiration and information to many.   She continuously posts content online for those wanting to know more about her green juice and her strengthened faith in God.

(Photo of Selina & Kevin posted on Selina’s Instagram account when they announced that she is Cancer Free)


On social media, and even in their church’s services, or wherever God provides a platform for her, Selina makes it appoint to spread the power of the word of faith and the healing that comes with believing. 


"So for those of you going through a severe trial or terrible suffering right now, I know I may not have the answer to your whys, but I know you are in the hands  of an infinitely loving Father who ordained this at the beginning of time  for  your good and His glory. There is immense love behind every pain, every suffering, every tear. With God, I have learned there are no plan Bs. This is His plan A, and He has it all under control. You can rest and trust in Him," she said.


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