PBBM tells OFWs: Gov't will care for your families

4:27 pm on 5 February 2023, Sunday

By: Romeo Braceros Jr.

According to President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., on Saturday, the Philippine government strives to ensure that Overseas Filipino Workers and their families are taken care of in the nation while working abroad.

The President noted that there are also initiatives for migrant workers who want to return to the Philippines permanently.

“Our approach for the OFWs is to help them and their families as well," he said in his vlog.

Marcos claimed that he has also been striving to strengthen ties between the Philippines and other countries where Filipinos are residing.

In the same vlog, Marcos congratulated all Filipinos abroad for promoting the nation and winning the respect of foreign employers while introducing some OFWs he had met while serving as president of the Philippines.


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