Clarkson seeks to enter NBA All-Star Game roster

3:19 pm on 18 January 2023, Wednesday

Jordan Clarkson, a star scorer for the Utah Jazz, is excited to play for his team and the Philippines if he is selected for the 2023 National Basketball Association All-Star Game.

The inaugural All-Star game was played in Salt Lake City 30 years ago, and the 72nd iteration of the tournament will take place there on February 19.

Clarkson is hopeful the 6-foot-5 swingman, who received millions of votes from Filipinos across the globe, will participate in the All-Star game.

“It would be great to represent the state and Filipinos everywhere else in the world,” Clarkson said.

The NBA Sixth Man of the Year for 2020–2021 also discussed what it's like to play in a state like Utah as opposed to a nation like the Philippines.

Clarkson has established himself as the Jazz's vocal leader, which improves his chances of being selected as an All-Star.


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