Solon pushes for 7-days paid bereavement leave

3:10 pm on 8 January 2023, Sunday

By Patricia Francia Lachica

Quezon City 4th District Representative Marvin Rillo has filed House Bill 4340, granting a 7-days paid bereavement leave for a private or public sector employee, following the death of a spouse, biological or adoptive parent or child, or a full or half-blood brother or sister.

“The death of a loved one creates considerable physical, emotional and psychological burden on employees, who deserve a break from work to grieve and attend to funeral arrangements,” said Rep. Rillo.

The lawmaker likewise stated that the measure “is in accordance with the right of employees to humane conditions of work, and consistent with the duty of the State to afford full protection to labor.”

“The paid bereavement leave, once enacted, will go a long way in cultivating a truly compassionate workplace for every Filipino,” he added.

The bereavement leave will be in addition to all paid leave benefits. Further, employers will be prohibited from using the bereavement leave to reduce existing leave rights.

The bill further provided that: “availment of the leave shall not be considered a misconduct or any form of unsatisfactory performance, nor can it be used as reason for demotion, suspension or termination from employment.”

Employers who fail to grant the bereavement leave benefit will face punishment by a maximum fine of P20,000 or up to 30 days in prison.


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