Fashion from “thrift shops” will be featured in Emily In Paris’ Season 3

4:53 pm on 19 December 2022, Monday

Season 3 of “Emily In Paris” will be released on December 21 on Netflix.

Lucien Laviscount, who plays Alfie, shared that Lily Collins’ character, Emily, hasn’t lost her penchant for polarizing ensembles.

“I would see Lily come to set … it takes your breath away for a second,” he said in an interview with Page Six on Thursday. “Everything is bigger, better, and bolder [this season].”

The popular Netflix series has featured several big names in the fashion industry.

“We all spent quite a bit of time in those dressing rooms, and [Fitoussi] made a point to include new designers this season,” said the actor, who plays the character of Antoine.

“[It’s] a sign of the times to take the high-end designers, the new designers and also go to the thrift shop and bring in antiques and vintage pieces. It helps elevate [the show] and bring diversity in the fashion.”

Samuel Arnold, who plays the role of Emily’s coworker Julien, also credited Fitoussi with helping shape their characters.

“She just understands every character and how to bring them to life through wardrobe,” he explained. 

“These characters are all so different from one another, and she understands all those little worlds.”

Emily is caught in a love triangle in season 3. Unfortunately, this is still between her best friend’s boyfriend, Gabriel Lucas Bravo, and her new romantic interest, Alfie Lucien Laviscount.

She will also be involved in another kind of triangle in her professional life, as she must decide whether to stick by her boss, Madeline, Kate Walsh, or follow her mentor Sylvie Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu to a new agency.


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