Pinoy Muay athletes net 3 international medals

2:02 pm on 17 December 2022, Saturday

Three Filipino Muay athletes are still dominating the international Muay scene.

The three competitors competed on the ASEAN stage from December 7 to December 11, winning three medals in the just-finished Southeast Asian Muay Championships 2022, held in SinahoukVille, Cambodia.

The championship event, also known as the pre-SEAgames Kun Khmer Championships 2022, was attended by South East Asian nations, including Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, and more part of Cambodia's preparations for hosting the SEA Games the following year.

After competing against Lao Chetra, a towering Cambodian celebrity and one championships fighter, Archie Brioso won the silver medal.

After challenging Malaysia's top bet, his younger brother Arnie Brioso settled for the bronze medal.

The team's national representative and fighting coach, Gerald Bassig, won the bronze medal in the 60 kg event after defeating 

The coastal location of SinahoukVille, Cambodia, served as the backdrop for the Southeast Asia Muay Championships 2022, exhibiting the grandeur of the nation's coastline.


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