Sunshine Dizon shares her struggles with mental health

3:15 pm on 5 December 2022, Monday

By: Leslie Ordinario

Actress Sunshine Dizon has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, panic attacks, and abandonment issues.

On Instagram, Dizon took to social media on Saturday to post photos of her medicine after getting diagnosed with several mental issues.

"And since [I'm] here alone feeling overwhelmed, guess [it's] time to admit what l've been going through recently. Diagnosed with PTSD, Depression, Panic attacks,
Abandonment issues, and that's just skimming the surface," the actress wrote in the caption.

She stated that she wanted to "free herself from the stigma" in response to why she decided to discuss what she has been going through publicly.

"There's nothing wrong to ask for help. I know it's very hard to get stuck in your head. But we can do it, baby steps. One day at a time," she added.

Sunshine previously posted a picture of herself in a hospital bed, feverish. She used that time to think and share her insights.

"I'm turning 40 next year. I have so many regrets but I don't know how to go back to where I used to be. This is not about work. This is about life-altering decisions," she said.

"Laying in a hospital bed alone at 3 am, I ask myself, 'Was it all really worth it?' I may never [have] the answers, but I pray to god that I can let go of all my baggage, hurt and guilt."

A companion to "sleep beside me in this small hospital bed till I fall asleep" was another wish she had.


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