Kris Aquino opens up about her health condition

1:53 pm on 26 November 2022, Saturday

By Leslie Ordinario

In a lengthy Instagram post, TV host Kris Aquino shares an update regarding her health condition, accompanied by a photo with two children, Josh and Bimby.

"It's been a few months... i didn't want to post until i had definite info as my update,"

"It's step 1 on what will likely be more than 18 months of diagnosis & treatment. i'm signed up in a hospital's Center for those with Rare & Undiagnosed illnesses. My last set of test results were conflicting; that's why i chose to have my full diagnosis & treatment with a team of multidisciplinary doctors," she said.

As per Kris, she’ll be admitted in early 2023 "to undergo every imaginable test they'll deem necessary."

The TV host revealed that she is allergic to plenty of types of medicine, including steroids. 

"Pang case study daw ako-1 person with multiple autoimmune conditions & over 100 known allergic or adverse reactions to medication."

The lengthy post was accompanied by a photo with her two sons, Josh and Bimby, whom she refers to as the reason why she doesn’t give up her fight.


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