Billy Crawford expresses gratitude after winning in “Dancing With The stars” French edition

2:59 pm on 16 November 2022, Wednesday

By: Leslie Ordinario

On Instagram, Crawford posted pictures from the competition's finale, where he and his dancing partner Fauve Hautot were crowned the winners.

“It’s been a few days since we won @dals_tf1 but from the bottom of my heart thank you again @fauvehautot for your patience and your amazing talent. I am forever grateful to have worked with someone as dope as you!” he wrote.

Crawford wrote, "I love you guys and thank you for always being there to make things smoother than usual." in a homage to his fellow celebrity candidates.

The TV host also expressed gratitude to the show's production and creative staff, naming specific individuals who had a significant influence on his journey by saying, “To all the pro dancers who helped each other to give an amazing show to the French public, salut and respect to all of you! The judges, thanks for encouraging us that we could always be better no matter what the circumstances are!”

“To all the public who voted for me and Fauve in the end, thank you!” he added.

He ended his post by addressing his wife, actress Coleen Garcia and his family and said, “My wife @coleen I love you, my family, never could’ve done it with out you guys sacrificing being here. Lord God, You are absolutely an amazing God! To my country who tries to follow updates on what’s going on even if it’s super early in the am.

“Thank you all for this experience as it will be forever imprinted in my heart. In the end, Hard work really does pay off! I will miss ALL of you tremendously. With all the love in the world, before the trophy, I have already won cause of the relationships we have built!”


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