Taylor Swift overwhelmed by “All Too Well” Song of The Year nomination

2:43 pm on 16 November 2022, Wednesday

By: Leslie Ordinario

After learning that her 10-minute rendition of "All Too Well" has been nominated for Song of the Year at the 2023 Grammy Awards, an honor she has never won, Taylor Swift is overcome with emotion.

Swift described the song as the one she is most proud of among all the songs she has ever written in a lengthy post on her Instagram Story.

“The fact that it's nominated for Song of the Year at the Grammys, an award I've never won, that honors the songwriting... it's momentous and surreal,” she said.

Swift claimed that she immediately called her "All Too Well" co-writer after learning of her Grammy nomination and reminisced about how they first began composing together when she was just 14 years old.

“She believed in me then and we are nominated together now. It's just so cute I can't cope,” she wrote.

“I want to ramble about the magic and mystery of time and fate and reclaiming my art but instead I think I'll go scream for ten minutes straight. And think about how this wouldn't have happened without you,” she added.

Apart from this, she also received a nomination for the same song's best music video.

Well deserved, Taylor!


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