Pia Wurtzbach pens bf appreciation post

6:14 pm on 14 November 2022, Monday

By: Leslie Ordinario

On Sunday, Miss Universe 2015 penned his fiancé Jeremy Jauncey an appreciation post and called him the "most patient guy ever."

The beauty queen shared a photo of them with their luggage at an airport and said, "He's seen me go through all sorts of emotions these past few weeks. Seriously, I can be a lot to deal with. My moods go up and down."

"I go from being confident, 'I'm gonna take over the world' super woman to vulnerable little kid who will cry about anything. But he sticks by me through it all. And he loves me the same way," she added.

Pia ended her post with, "Thank you, my love. Please don't stop meditating," she quipped.

Previously, Wurtzbach shared her journey as she finished the New York Marathon with Jeremy, supporting her all the way.

Pia and Jeremy announced their engagement last May.


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