'It's traveling too much,' says Marcos on attending World Economic ForumĀ 

5:21 pm on 14 November 2022, Monday

By Patricia Francia Lachica

After receiving an invitation to the World Economic Forum to be held in January 2023 in Davos, President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is yet to decide as he has been "traveling too much" from summits to state visits. 

"I haven't decided yet; it's traveling too much– that's already the end of January. I'm already going to China on the third, parang like my mom says, 'kailan ka nago-opisina? I haven't decided, we'll see," said President Marcos. 

Marcos likewise questioned that the investors should be coming to the Philippines – "is the country ready for them?"

“You know papunta ka sa Davos tapos sasabihin mo ‘pero hindi wag muna kayo, next year pa,’ diba, bakit pa natin gagawin? So that’s really the determining factor,” he added.

(You know you're going to Davos, and then you say, 'but no, we'll wait until next year,' right, why should we do it?)

"But other I have accepted several of the state visit invitations. Well, China as you see. Vietnam, Brunei, actually lahat. They have all invited me. Sabi ko, sige, basta ako naman wala akong hini-hindian (I said, okay, I do not reject any invites),” Marcos continued. 

"Siguro, next year, we'll start honoring those invitations," he ended.


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