Billie Eilish reveals horse riding helps combat stress

4:41 pm on 14 November 2022, Monday

Billie Eilish has done equestrian training not as a hobby but as a stress reliever. The songstress was seen horseback riding in full equestrienne garb on Friday in Los Angeles.

Eilish wore a helmet, long-sleeve sweater, gloves, and riding boots. A source told Page Six that Eilish spent an hour with her horse galloping and  “doing circles with a trainer,” follower by groundwork at the stables.

In July 2019, Eilish shared with Rolling Stone that horseback riding is “more for my mental health than, like, a hobby.”

The “Happier Than Ever” superstar’s mom, Maggie Baird, also revealed in an interview that her Grammy-winning daughter has “always really loved is horses.”

Equestrian is an expensive sport. The superstar revealed that she even worked at the stables in exchange for free lessons while growing up.

She also said she had difficulty socially while training as she “couldn’t take being the poor girl around the stable. I made a couple of friends, but otherwise nobody was very nice,” Eilish added. “Horse people don’t like poor people.”

In July 2019, a then-17-year-old Eilish shared that she began battling mental health issues at 13.


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