Turning passions into actions: How Rizza Lana and Aiai Garcia achieved success with Lazada

1:08 pm on 10 November 2022, Thursday

By: Leslie Ordinario
eCommerce pioneer Lazada continues to build on its technology and logistics infrastructure, enabling local businesses to thrive at every stage of their business journey. With technology, Philippines brands and sellers have optimized and scaled their operations successfully over the past decade since Lazada was founded.  
More than just an online shopping destination for lifestyle necessities, Lazada has been a reliable partner for local vendors and MSMEs who are digitizing their operations.

Some online entrepreneurs who have found success through Lazada’s infrastructure and programs for its sellers include Rizza Lana of Lana PH and Aiai Garcia of Nala Woman.
Both can attest to Lazada’s strong support and technological strengths that can play a pivotal role in an entrepreneur’s journey. Moreover, they are shining examples of how Lazada enables its sellers to thrive and #AddValuetoLife by providing a platform for sellers to turn their passions into a livelihood.

(Lana PH Founder and CEO Rizza Lana)

A skincare enthusiast, Rizza always dreamed of starting her own skincare brand and was looking for a way to earn a living to pay off her debts. “I used to be a hotelier with zero experience in business,” says Rizza.
She made the decision to return to Manila after her time away, pursue a day job, and launch her first company, Whim Manila, which sells stickers and wallpaper. She made the decision to resign from her day job to concentrate on Whim when her business took off.
Realizing that there were a few skincare products that worked well for Filipina skin and being moved by a film called ‘A Plastic Ocean’ in 2017, Rizza came up with Lana PH pursuing her dream of having her skincare line that is mindful and conscious of the environment.
From initially focusing on Lana PH’s website, offering gentle and effective products like their DNA Repair Elixir, Hydrating Rice Toner, and Skin Protect Brightening Sunblock, she then decided to set up shop on Lazada. 


(Lana PH Founder and CEO Rizza Lana with a mountain of Lazada packages ready for delivery)

Getting onboarded as a Lazada seller helped not only Lana PH but also her other brands, such as Mink, a skincare brand that focuses on helping women take care of their intimate area, Talaala, a customized and sustainable jewelry brand and Ambush Clothing, a streetwear line.
She credited Lazada for giving them access to a wide customer base. Getting exposure and promotions was a welcome bonus as well for brand equity. She also cited Lazada’s account managers as invaluable partners to her businesses’ growth, along with Lazada’s data-driven seller tools. This includes Business Advisor and Lazada University, which equipped Rizza and her team with optimal business strategies using advanced data and analytics.
“Do things even if you’re scared. You won’t know what’s on the other side of the fence if you don’t try,” says Rizza.

(Nala Woman Founder AiAi Garcia)

Another successful entrepreneur who found her footing on Lazada is AiAi of Nala Woman, a company that offers organic and sustainable feminine care products.
“Being on Lazada has helped a new business like ours grow exponentially, especially during the pandemic when online shopping was the new normal for essential goods,” says Aiai, who launched the company in response to the lack of feminine care options in the country. She notes that the variety of sanitary pads in supermarkets has not changed since the 70s and that there are few sustainably-made options in the country.
Nala Woman offers feminine care products made without any chemicals and are clinically tested to be hypoallergenic. The company’s goal is to normalize “taboo” topics about women’s and menstrual health. According to Aiai, being on Lazada enables them to promote Nala Woman’s meaningful cause along with their products.
“Some of our customers on Lazada have also turned into partners for our Pledge A Pad campaign,” she says. 

“Together with our donors and partners, our mission is to collect and distribute eco-friendly sanitary napkins every month to schools, orphanages, and women’s shelters around the Philippines," she added.
With all the opportunities and innovative eCommerce tools it provides, Lazada proves to be more than a platform and a business partner as sellers continue to trust Lazada in expanding their operations. 

By supporting its sellers’ causes, building them up for success, and paving the way for exponential growth, Lazada builds a more dynamic and inclusive marketplace to serve and support the Filipino community.


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