Beauty queens Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico tie the knot

2:25 pm on 3 November 2022, Thursday

By Ice Martinez

Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico 2020 announce their marriage via social media. The two beauty queens shared clips and photos with some of the highlights of their relationship.

“After choosing to keep our relationship private, we open our doors to a special day. 28/10/22,” they wrote, with emojis of a heart, a ring, and a star.

The footage and photos shared include their memorable trips together, photos of their wedding rings, and a video of their marriage proposal. Another clip shows the couple dressed in white, celebrating their union in the steps of the Marriage Bureau in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Friends joined in their celebration, most of whom were friends from the beauty pageant. They shared encouraging and supportive messages.

“Omg, congratulations MGI brought together a beautiful union,” wrote Abena Akuaba, winner of Miss Grand International 2020.

Varela and Valentín met at the beauty pageant of Miss Grand International 2020 and developed a friendship until the end of the pageant. The two have been open on social media and regularly shared photos, especially in recent months.

Varela represented Argentina in 2019’s Miss Universe and reached the top 10 positions at the Miss Grand International 2020. In addition, she has been modeling for campaigns. In addition, she has been active in various initiatives that fight against gender violence.

Meanwhile, Valentín made it to the top 10 at the Miss Grand International 2020. She is under multiple modeling agencies.


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