DOTr told to monitor airlines’ compliance with passengers’ rights during cancellations

2:32 pm on 29 October 2022, Saturday

A House official has urged the Department of Transportation to monitor the compliance of airlines with passengers rights and entitlements during flight cancellations.

“By my office’s monitoring, at least 44 domestic and international flights have already been cancelled, and we expect a few more to be cancelled. Passengers are entitled to certain rights under the Joint DOTC-DTI Administrative Order No. 1 Series of 2012, otherwise known as the ‘Air Passenger Bill of Rights,’ which took effect on 21 December 2012,” said House ways and means committee chair Rep. Joey Salceda.

According to the issuance, if the flight is delayed at least three hours after estimated time of departure, whether or not it is attributable to the carrier, the passenger has the right to avail himself of refreshments or meals, free phone calls, text or emails, and first aid, if necessary, rebook or refund his or her ticket, or be endorsed to another carrier.

With flight delays of more than six hours, the passenger can consider the flight cancelled for the purpose of availing himself the rights and amenities provided for in case of actual cancellation. The passenger will receive additional compensation equivalent to at least the value of the sector delayed.

For delays due to typhoons, passengers may refund the value of the fare, including taxes and surcharges. They can also rebook their ticket.

Salceda’s office will be monitoring complaints about airlines not providing the kind of assistance required by our regulations.

“May I request the Department of Transportation to ensure that there are accessible means to complain or point out deficiencies in the kind of service airlines provide during these cancellations.”

Salceda also hopes the DOTr “will also be ready to provide additional assistance if indeed airlines do not, or are unable to, perform assistance.”

“Passengers may also be stranded in airports and ports. My office will appreciate any effort on the part of the Department of Transportation to ensure that stranded passengers will be able to find assistance.”

Salceda particularly expressed concern about those stranded in Batangas Port and other major commuter ports and airports in the country.

“I suspect many people wanted to try out their luck given the long weekend. So, many passengers are likely to be stranded in commuter ports and airports,” Salceda added.


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