Got Halloween plans? How about a tour at Intramuros

6:14 pm on 25 October 2022, Tuesday

Intramuros Manila announced a unique free guided tour at Fort Santiago. The offered time slot, however, is within spooky hours on Halloween evening, October 31. It said that the free tour would be held from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The management, however, reminded visitors that Fort Santiago is a historical and sacred ground.

“Countless have suffered [and] died here as victims of war and other crimes against humanity. To ensure that the sanctity of the place is maintained, only activities that promote remembrance, commemoration, and contemplation are allowed,” they said.

To commemorate the upcoming All Saint Day and All Souls Day, tourists are also encouraged to offer flowers at the White Cross memorial, known as the “final resting place of around 600 souls who perished in Fort Santiago during World War II.” 

Notable spots inside Fort Santiago include the ruins of American and Spanish barracks, Museo ni Rizal, and the dungeons, among others.


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