Tag Heuer incorporates Mario Kart in new collection

1:36 pm on 16 October 2022, Sunday

By Ryan Louis Mantilla
You probably remember racing through gigantic clocks in Mario Kart, and now everything has come to life!
TAG Heuer has partnered with video game company Nintendo to produce two limited-edition timepieces honoring one of the most popular racing games ever developed.
"Speeding towards the finish line," the latest venture into the realm of Super Mario-inspired new watches, which come in Chronograph and Chronograph Tourbillon, as published by Nintendo of America on Twitter.
The first is the standard Chronograph, featuring several Mario Kart references, including icons of Power Stars, with a Mario Kart logo etched on the back.
The second watch, the Chronograph Tourbillon, features a black finished ceramic bezel and a tri-compax display highlighting animated Mario Kart elements, including a Bullet Bill.

"We are excited to reveal the two latest pieces born from our collaboration with Nintendo," said Tag Heuer's CEO, Frédéric Arnault, adding: "The two timepieces are designed for lovers of fine watchmaking who have kept their fresh, fun outlook on life."

 Unfortunately, while these clocks are stunningly exquisite, the pieces are not, by any means, cheap. The Chronograph costs £3,550, which is estimated to be P234,300 in pesos, while the Chronograph Tourbillon costs £21,250, which retails at a whopping amount of P1,402,500.
In other Mario Kart news, the third wave of DLC circuits for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be released around the holidays.


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