Gatchalian wants to make payment of taxes easier

5:30 pm on 29 September 2022, Thursday

Senator Win Gatchalian has filed a measure seeking to make the payment of taxes easier with the hope of encouraging the public to pay their taxes truthfully and timely.
Gatchalian filed Senate Bill 1346, which introduced administrative tax reforms by amending certain provisions of the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997.
Aside from providing taxpayers the option of filing their returns and paying the taxes due through electronic means, Gatchalian is seeking to allow the payment of taxes to any authorized agent bank (AAB), and not only limited to AABs in the revenue district office where the taxpayer is registered.
"For the benefit of our taxpayers, we need to simplify the process of paying taxes as we endeavor to enhance tax compliance and strengthen taxpayer's rights," he said.
He also proposed to remove the option to pay internal revenue taxes to a city or municipal treasurer with jurisdiction over the taxpayer, allow the adjustment of the VAT exemption threshold based on the Consumer Price Index not later than January 1, 2023, and every 3 years thereafter, and ensure the availability of registration facilities to taxpayers not residing in the country.
According to him, once enacted into law, the proposed bill will not only give a premium to taxpayers' welfare but also guarantee sustained revenue growth for the country.
Gatchalian filed a separate bill seeking the creation of the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights and Obligations Act, which aims to empower taxpayers by educating them on their basic rights and obligations.
Senate Bill No. 1199 also seeks the creation of the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate that would take the cudgels for taxpayers by ensuring that their rights are safeguarded.


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