Tulfo to generals: Don't make soldiers your personal errand boys

6:29 pm on 28 September 2022, Wednesday

Senator Raffy Tulfo has called out some high-ranking members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines for supposedly pulling out soldiers from headquarters to make them perform different chores in their private houses.
During the Senate budget hearing for the Department of National Defense (DND), Tulfo reminded defense officials that soldiers were not trained to be the gardener, market shopper, floor sweeper and toilet cleaner of generals.
"Ang mga sundalo po natin ay trained. Nag-invest ang ating gobyerno sa kanila upang matuto sila kung paano humawak ng baril at kung paano dedepensahan ang ating bansa laban sa ating mga enemies. Hindi po sila ti-nrain para humawak ng walis at gawing 'Boy' ng mga Heneral sa kanilang mga bahay," he said.
(Our soldiers are trained. The government invested in them on how to use a gun and fight the enemies to defend our country. They were not trained on how to wield the broom.)
Tulfo said that hisc concern was also based from past complaints he received on his radio program from the wives of soldiers who claimed that their husbands were made to do the laundry and ironing of clothes of generals' families in the latter's private homes.
In response, DND Officer-in-Charge Jose Faustino, Jr. assured Tulfo that he will have the issue that he brought up thoroughly investigated.
Tulfo likewise lamented the soldiers' meager subsistence allowance of P150 per day, which they stretch for breakfast, lunch, and 
During his rounds during the campaign period, Tulfo shared that he witnessed how soldiers would only eat sardines, dried fish (tuyo) and sweet potato leaves (talbos ng kamote).
Tulfo likewise brought up the issue of the delayed release of Philippine Veterans Affair Office Old Age Pension for veterans, which he said should be addressed immediately to ensure faster processing of their claims.
Tulfo said there were cases wherein veterans' pensions would only be released years after their death, and in which case, the check from the bank would merely be returned to the sender.
To ensure that proper care is afforded to soldiers, Tulfo is pushing for the modernization of the V. Luna General Hospital, which is tasked to provide medical care to military personnel. He underscored the need to buy modern medical equipment to improve the medical care treatment for Filipino soldiers.


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