Agri Expo in Davao City to showcase agri innovations and solutions

1:55 pm on 28 September 2022, Wednesday

By Romeo Braceros, Jr.

As the nation continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and the fear of food scarcity, the 24th Davao Agritrade Expo (Date) 2022 is planned to highlight innovations and solutions to meet the difficulties faced by the agribusiness sector.

Agribusiness has faced difficulties over the years, according to Date chair Cherrylin Casuga on September 26.

She claimed that despite its efforts to recover from the pandemic's economic effects, the nation still faces difficulties.

These include the food crisis and the problem with the ongoing supply of oil and gasoline, which led to a spike in the cost of staple foods and other goods.

But she maintained that this is not a justification for the industry not to work hard.

According to Casuga, agriculture offers promise, and our agribusiness may be sustainable.

Their slogan, "Innovative agriculture in its sustainability and productivity for food security," emphasizes this.

According to Casuga, Date 2022, which will take place on September 29 and 30 at the SMX Convention Center in Lanang, Davao City, is a meeting place for farmers, entrepreneurs, global businesses, and government organizations with a shared objective.

She continued by saying that specialists would discuss how they overcame difficulties in the industry.

Due to the limits imposed by the epidemic, this will be the first in-person event in two years.

The date was moved as a virtual event throughout the two years.

Casuga claimed they could organize the event online because of their "desire to support the agriculture sector."

During the two-day event, exhibitors from the Davao Region and other nations, including Israel and India, will display their products.

President Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr., who serves as the concurrent Agriculture Secretary, and Senator Cynthia Villar, chairwoman of the senate committee on food and agriculture, have confirmed their attendance.

Casuga stated that with the President in charge of the Department of Agriculture, they are hoping that under his leadership, the agriculture business will be modernized and the lives of the farmers will be improved.


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