DOT 11 names Davao de Oro as an important tourist destination

5:41 pm on 14 September 2022, Wednesday

By Romeo Braceros, Jr.

The province of Davao de Oro has been designated as an essential tourist destination in the Davao Region by the regional office of the Department of Tourism (DOT).

The province's inclusion in the National and Regional Tourism Development Plan, "The Colors of Mindanao" campaign, the Tourism Promotion Board in its marketing and promotional activities, and the Davao Region's significant tourism circuits with ready and existing tourist attractions made it a key player in the advancement of tourism revenue nationwide.

According to the Provincial Information Office (PIO), the province received over 3 million tourist visitors from January 2020 to June 2022.

Its highlands, seaside, and wellness loops have also demonstrated their importance to the country's actual influence on tourism returns.

As evidenced by data from the tourism office demonstrating how the province recovered from the pandemic's effects on its tourism industry, Davao de Oro is renowned for contributing to regional tourist revenues, stays, and arrivals.

The TIEZA (Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority) facilities and TRIPPC (Tourism Road Infrastructure Project Prioritization Criteria) road networks linked to tourism sites also benefit the province.

It also benefits from skill-improvement training for the growth of its human resources and the ongoing construction of tourism culture.

Meanwhile, the Tourism Office will spearhead the Tourism Month Celebration in September, emphasizing activities that will assist businesses, filmmakers, and workers in various provincial tourism workforces.

TurisTiangge Opening, DdO Ice Cream Festival, Tourism Training Series, 9th Nabunturan Independent Film Exhibition, Turismo Awards, Officer Oath-taking, and DdO Circuits Launch are among the month-long activities.

Employees who visit the province's seaside, highlands, and wellness tourist loops will also receive "Capitour! Laag Treats."


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