Globe set to launch new fiber-to-the-room technology

3:44 pm on 29 July 2022, Friday

Globe Telecom Inc. said its home broadband unit is set to become among the first telecommunications providers in Southeast Asia to launch innovative fiber-to-the room (FTTR) technology following successful testing.


FTTR is the first choice for digital transformation in homes, providing extremely fast and ultra seamless WiFi connection with exceptionally low latency, the Ayala-led company said in a statement on Friday.


“Broadband services have shifted during the pandemic.  The internet has become an integral part of our daily lives, whether for work, learning, or entertainment,” said Janis Racpan, Head of Globe At Home Brand Management.


“It is also now being used to maximize connectivity in intelligent homes. The introduction of FTTR will further elevate their digital lifestyle at home,” Racpan added.


Globe said the newest technology has speed and coverage 10 times the traditional WiFi network and capacity to handle up to 128 device connections.


The company said this is among innovations on offer under Globe’s push for built-in broadband in housing developments, working with several of the country’s major builders and real property developers for greater adoption of ready connectivity.


The new solution provided by Globe At Home will help customers maximize WiFi signals and avoid dead spots in large spaces, houses and buildings with thick multiple concrete walls and floors, and too many connected devices, the company added.


The pandemic has accelerated digital adoption, making FTTR an important component in homes seeking the best internet connectivity available in the market.


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