Help reunite love-stricken hamsters this Valentine’s Day

5:42 pm on 14 February 2022, Monday

By Ryan Mantilla

Valentine’s Day is finally here! I like to believe that having a significant other on this day is not the standard after all. We have families, friends, and people who treasure us. Today, however, is Monday—if this day could not be any worse.

Monday is the worst day to celebrate Valentine’s. Most of us are working either face-to-face or at home. We all despise Monday blues. 

Some people are sitting in front of their computers at the moment. Regardless of whether you had plans or just waiting for the day to pass by, Google came up with an idea to commemorate the festival in an enjoyable interactive doodle. 

You may not have someone to celebrate Valentine’s with; at least Google released a doodle for us to reunite two lovers in a treacherous maze in the shape of the company’s logo. It's as if you're playing the role of cupid with your computer as your bow and arrow.

Your goal: solve the maze and help the two hamsters reach each other—a fun and cute way to celebrate Valentine’s.

To help the poor love birds—or in this case, love hamsters—you have to navigate Google's homepage, and Valentine’s Day doodle will welcome you. After clicking the play button, a maze will appear with the two hamsters away from each other. You have to pull some levers and buttons to complete Google’s logo. 

The logo will act as a bridge between the two hamsters, allowing them to meet up. After they reconcile, a Valentine's Day message will flash on the screen.

Google explained the concept of this year's doodle by stating, “Sometimes love takes you by surprise. It can be full of twists and turns, but through all its ups and downs, it can still bring the world closer together (no matter the species)”.

Google ended the letter by greeting us all a happy Valentine’s Day. 

The doodle is a lovable way for us to honor Valentine’s Day as well as a reminder for us all that happiness can be found in the simplest of things. Spending this special day alone doesn’t equate to loneliness. Your value won’t be measured by how many flowers you’ve received. Everyone is just as unique and beautiful, and you have to be reminded of that. 

Do you find this new doodle concept adorable? If yes, you can try it out by going to Google’s homepage. Happy Valentine’s!


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